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We understand not everyone can afford domain names , so we list to you sites which provide you with free domain names. Although if you want a .com or .org or other such domain names free , you must be lucky or have a lot of free time to participate in forums. Domains – They offer you a free domain name , but there are a few catches as well. Your site must get a minimum number of visitors to keep your domain. The .tk sites opens your choice of URL in a frame. You cant use your own favicon with a free .tk site.

2. Subdomains – These are not actually free TLDs, they are actually subdomains which give the feel of a TLD , you can get a site , but you must place their button ad onyour site..

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Zune at Work !!!

As we all know Microsoft’s response to the Ipod is here , the Zune , we talk about things which might make it or break it.


  1. Ability to send photos, and music files from Zune-to-Zune via WiFi. Photo files may be shared without restrictions. For restrictions on Music Sharing , see negative below.
  2. Firmware upgrades are possible.
    Wallpapers may be set in the Zune Player.
  3. Fm Radio (Ipods lack inbuilt radio) , song name might be displayed if the radio station supports it.
  4. The Zune will play standard podcast files, which are usually available in unprotected MP3 or AAC format. However, the Zune software lacks full podcast support, such as a directory and automatic downloading via RSS feeds. A Zune team member has stated that in the future “We’ll ship podcasting, and we’ll call it “Podcasting” when we do.”
  5. The player software will automatically convert audio and video in a format not supported by the Zune into a format that is. (e.g. a video with a resolution of 720×540 will be converted to a resolution of 320×240 if necessary).
  6. You can tell other people having Zunes near you, what you are listening.


  1. Zune Sharing – Its easy to make a Zune to Zune song transfer , perhaps too easy , thats why every time a song is transferred Zune to Zune it gets limited to a three day or three play restriction , which ever comes first. Plus a play is counted if a song is played for 1 minute or half the song (whichever is shorter). Even if the song is recorded , non-copyrighted , this restriction applies.
  2. Crippled Wifi – The Wifi only allows a Zune to connect to another Zune , not a computer or a Wifi Hotspot.
  3. No hard Drive – The Zune also cant be used as an external hard-drive unlike an Ipod.

The following comes pre-loaded in a Zune

Audio tracks

  • Band of Horses, “Wicked Gil” (Sub Pop)
  • Bitter:Sweet, “The Mating Game” (Quango Music Group)
  • CSS, “Alala (Microsoft edit)” (Sub Pop)
  • Darkel, “At The End of The Sky (edit)” (Astralwerks)
  • Every Move A Picture, “Signs of Life” (V2 Records)
  • Small Sins, “Stay” (Astralwerks)
  • The Adored, “Tell Me Tell Me” (V2 Records)
  • The Rakes, “Open Book” (V2 Records)
  • The Thermals, “A Pillar Of Salt” (Sub Pop)

Music videos

  • 30 Seconds to Mars, “The Kill” (Virgin Records)
  • BT, “1.618” (DTS Entertainment)
  • Chad VanGaalen, “Red Hot Drops” (Sub Pop)
  • Coldcut featuring Roots Manuva, “True Skool” (Ninja Tune)
  • CSS, “Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above” (Sub Pop)
  • Fruit Bats, “Live: The Wind That Blew My Heart Away” (Sub Pop)
  • Grandaddy, “Elevate Myself” (V2 Records)
  • Hot Chip, “Over and Over” (Astralwerks)
  • Kraak & Smaak featuring Dez., “Keep Me Home” (Quango Music Group)
  • Kinski, “Live: The Snowy Parts of Scandinavia” (Sub Pop)
  • Paul Oakenfold featuring Brittany Murphy, “Faster Kill Pussycat” (Perfecto Records)
  • Serena-Maneesh, “Drain Cosmetics” (Playlouderecordings)

Short films

  • 5boro: “A New York Skateboarding Minute” (Skateboarding)
  • Radical Films: “Kranked — Progression” (Mountain Biking)
  • TGRTV The North Face (Skiing/Snowboarding)

The verdict is left to you

Microsoft Zune Player

Golden Rings in was hit by a worm on Sunday November 19th , nicknamed the greygoo by the popular virtual world’s developers Linden Labs , the worm placed golden rings all around in the virtual world and the more people played with these rings , which seemed like Sega’s popular game’s Sonic the Hedgehog’s rings , the developers shut all logins to clean the virtual world after reports of slow gameplay started coming in.

Nintendo Wii launched in United States

A 1000 people remained camped near Times Square in New York for three days to be the first ones to get their hand on the new Nintendo Wii Gaming Console which features a revolutionary new controlling system : a single handed controller, which will be wielded like a sword to play the multitude of games on the platform. Although the sales arent expected to beat those of Arch rival Sony’s Playstation 3 , what is expected is that more and more ‘loyal’ nintendo fans will want to get their hands on this new piece of hardware. Most fans were excited about playing the game ‘Zelda’ on their new Wii systems. Many were dressed up as popular Nintendo characters also while waiting in the queue.

Nintendo Wii Controller

The Wii will have its australian debut on 7th December this year. Blog is born

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