My worst investment ever

Last year I wrote a review of, I had mentioned how the platform is inherently broken for investors and how a large amount of money I had invested in the platform was delinquent.

I believe its time for an update. Over the last few months, I have been following lots of discussion on on Reddit. Curiously, KickFurther seems to send warnings to users talking negative things about on Reddit or removes data when it gets highlighted there(see this link which was supposed to show late co-ops and Kickfurther immediately took it down). All that should tell you what kind of a company KickFurther really is. They also prohibit talking about their deals anywhere on the internet. Ever heard of an investment company doing that. I go into the system and how its broken into detail in my previous post.

The current post is just an yearly reminder, if you are considering investing via STOP. Slap yourself hard. Turn around and don’t invest.

Losing money can happen on any platform, but the apathy shows to its investors once the money is lost, is cruel in my opinion. This warning is based on my experience investing and losing a lot of money on (A LOT, I have around $16.9k of late payouts on that platform with many co-ops not returning a single penny). I expect almost all of it to never come back (except around $900). Kickfurther will just toss the company off to a collection agency and in turn collect more money for newer co-ops. Its a no risk model for them and all risk is on investors unless they also invest in a co-op.

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