Tata Sky Criminals and Cheaters

Tata Sky just stole from my 70 year old parents, does @TataSky have no ethics?

Despite staying away from India, I usually handle the digital affairs of my parents. My parents try to be as much self sufficient as they can so they do handle some things by themselves. Its only in India that a company like Tata Sky can openly try to cheat someone and then have the impunity to claim that its their policy to not refund.

Sometime in the beginning of 2020, one of the two set top boxes in my parent’s house was having trouble. My dad called the Tata Sky helpline and as usual they came in and swapped the set top box with a refurb one. Tata Sky set top boxes go kaput all the time but this isn’t a post about the equipment quality they have.

As the swap was done, the agent did not remove the old set top box from their account. Note that my dad is 70 and would usually expect people to do the right thing.

Another swap was made in July 2020, then also the agent didnt think it was important to tell my parents how the previous agent was cheating them.

A few days ago, he asked me to recharge their account since it was coming up for renewal. It was not supposed to come for renewal for a few more months so I got suspicious.

Imagine my shock when i saw three set top boxes(one primary and two multi TV) on their account. I immediately understood what had happened and decided to contact Tata Sky. Here is the screenshot of being charged 2 multi TV fees for July.

On chat they removed the extra set top box but refunds are handled by another team the agent told me and assured me it would be processed.

That night, I was telling my friend from MIT that Tata’s are an ethical company and would definitely refund the cheated amount to my parents discussing how a rogue agent must be the cause of this issue.

Boy was I wrong, since then we have escalated multiple times, but the agents keep telling my parents its their policy to not refund money. I checked atleast three statements wherein they have been wrongly charged.

That is nothing but pure cheating and theft by a company like Tata Sky, how can a policy not account for billing errors, what if that billing error is 100% Tata Sky’s fault and additionally what if the billing error could potentially be malicious and a ploy by agents to increase Tata Sky’s revenue. Possibly all three are true in this case.

At this point I am still taken aback by the blatantness of this and how Tata Sky is obviously in the wrong but not taking responsibility for an amount that is peanuts compared to how much we have already paid Tata Sky and will continue to pay if we keep their service.

Shame on Tata Sky, next step is to get more visibility to this post.

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