January 22, 2017

FlowerAura.com Review : More like Fraud Aura

By WiseTechie

This review hits a bit close to home. The website is actually by someone from my alma mater, however its a pathetically run website with poor customer service. Hence I have no option but to write this post detailing my experience with the fraudulent site. They do have an apt tagline though, ‘When words are not enough’

So here is how the story goes, I have used the site a few times in the past with fairly satisfactory results. I used them again to send flowers to my parents on their anniversary like every year. This time my parents were disappointed, the flowers sent were wrinkled and seemed old. Some of them had even started to blacken.

My mom told this to the delivery person and also mentioned it while receiving the flowers. When she told me about it, I told her I will fix it. From my understanding the business model of most of these sites is based on a vendor model. They use a local vendor for the last mile deliveries and it would have been possible that someone messed up. I was in for a rude shock.



When I wrote an email/complaint to their customer service, I got a silly reply ‘Overall flowers bouquet is looking completely fresh,so we request you to put the flowers in water’. Imagine that, telling a customer to put wrinkly old flowers in water.  I was incensed at this point, not wanting to deal with their bullshit, I ordered from another vendor and told them I will be filing a merchant chargeback on my credit card account.

This apparently woke them up and they started telling me that even though ‘only 1 flower is black’, they will replace the bouquet as ‘I’ have a problem. The photos clearly show 3 flowers which are rotting and black. This is customer service 101, never be condescending to your customer. I asked them if one of the flowers is black in the photo on their website. They kept telling me how its a natural thing for a fresh flower to be black due to cold and a number of other excuses. I had already ordered via another site and asked them to cancel the order which they refused. This other site was miraculously able to create a bouquet of fresh roses in the cold without any flower being black.

While this was happening, my mom got a few calls from the vendor I think, who told my mom that since the flowers were prepared the night before, this could have happened. My mom told him she had already got replacements from another company. He basically hung up telling her that if he isn’t getting paid, he wont send a replacement.

However this was not the end of the matter, While I was sleeping someone at FlowerAura was plotting on how to try and fail my merchant chargeback, they basically wrote an email to me that my parents are not accepting their calls and hence my order will be considered complete. This is so hilarious and a big lie :

“Dear Customer, We tried contacting the receiver several times but couldn’t reach them. As a result, your order number #939904 is pending. We request you to provide an alternate number of the receiver on urgent basis so we could make the delivery today. If the number is not provided on your end, we will consider the order complete as it was attempted from our side. Warm Regards Team FlowerAura”

Anyway, I am waiting for the charge to post  to my credit card so that I can file a chargeback. They just lost a loyal customer for making a little extra profit. If they would have accepted fault and sent the replacements immediately like a good business, this wouldn’t have happened and they would not have had to make up stories around how my parents are not contactable etc. Still a little bit sad this site comes from students from my alma mater.