November 25, 2006

Free Domain Resources

We understand not everyone can afford domain names , so we list to you sites which provide you with free domain names. Although if you want a .com or .org or other such domain names free , you must be lucky or have a lot of free time to participate in forums. Domains – They offer you a free domain name , but […]

November 23, 2006

Zune at Work !!!

As we all know Microsoft’s response to the Ipod is here , the Zune , we talk about things which might make it or break it. Positives Ability to send photos, and music files from Zune-to-Zune via WiFi. Photo files may be shared without restrictions. For restrictions on Music Sharing , see negative below. Firmware upgrades are possible. Wallpapers may be set in the Zune […]

November 20, 2006

Golden Rings in was hit by a worm on Sunday November 19th , nicknamed the greygoo by the popular virtual world’s developers Linden Labs , the worm placed golden rings all around in the virtual world and the more people played with these rings , which seemed like Sega’s popular game’s Sonic the Hedgehog’s rings , the developers shut all logins to clean the virtual world after […]

November 20, 2006

Nintendo Wii launched in United States

A 1000 people remained camped near Times Square in New York for three days to be the first ones to get their hand on the new Nintendo Wii Gaming Console which features a revolutionary new controlling system : a single handed controller, which will be wielded like a sword to play the multitude of games on the platform. Although the sales arent expected to beat […]

November 19, 2006 Blog is born

Who are we ? A group of college students(mostly NSITians) here to spread knowledge and news and other cool stuff. What you will see here? Lots of things which are related to technology in anyway , whether its news , reviews or plain techtalk , it will be here. How can you help ? If you are young , smart , a college student of […]