December 7, 2006

Are you applying to US universities ?

Well if you are we are planning to provide you with a step-by step guide on how to proceed , on our panel we have some people who are applying this year and they will soon be sharing their experience with you regard GRE , applying , SOPs , sending your application and visa process. So stay tuned !!!

December 5, 2006

Is your ISP cheating you ?

I wouldnt be surprised if it were , almost everyone i know gets speeds lesser than what was promised by their ISP. Till now there was only 1 mode of redressal the TRAI – Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. But with the Consumer Forum Decision that came today , its all about to change.The case was against a leading private ISP , the complaintant had […]

December 4, 2006

Google Pack – Fully Loaded

Google pack By Google Special Note – For Windows Xp only I have just started using it , its awesome to say the least , Google’s award winning photo software Picasa , Firefox , Google Earth , Google Desktop , Google Toolbar , Skype and lots of other software. So what are you waiting for ???

December 1, 2006

Airtel Spamming Customers

Ok i am an Airtel Subscriber ever since i got a mobile phone connection i.e. 2 years , i have been an Airtel fan. Thats because although its THE MOST EXPENSIVE service , its also the best in terms of coverage and quality. I didnt even know what dropped calls were at that time. But all thats changed. First it was poor connectivity which Airtel […]