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Feb 20



Sony in a move that has been criticized around the Internet have released a revolutionary new product (yeah right !) , its a $155 64gb micro SD card which Sony has annotated with ‘For Premium Sound’.

I love to do reviews however I will never spend $155 on this piece of shit. The for ‘premium sound’ seems to be the only USP for this overpriced gadget. How much a micro SD can really improve the quality of sound is anyone’s guess. Every time I head ‘for premium sound’, I chuckle a little.


I remember when I was a kid, we would go to buy a TV in India, Sony’s Trinitron would be significantly more expensive than say an Akai TV, but we would buy the Sony for quality. Then a few interactions with Sony’s super duper shitty customer care in India and we promptly switched loyalties. We don’t blindly buy stuff just because its Sony. I am still a bit ashamed to say we have a Bravia. But in the US we have a Sharp Aquos LED TV. Sony should realize it cannot milk customer sentiment by launching such products at obscene price levels. During a good sale in the US, you may get a nice micro SD card for $15-20 from Amazon.


However coming back to the point, Sony is a company with lots of legacy and the burden of being a legend. Lets hope it innovates instead of launching these products aimed at gullible people with deep pockets. The loot starts on 5th March 2015.

Also don’t snicker at this article if you bought a Bose/Dr.Dre headset, you are also a gullible person with deep pockets :)

May 26

Finally I decided to go over to the HD side, and why not get a DVR while we are at it. I decided to upgrade my Tata Sky box to a Tata Sky HD Plus set top box. HD signifies High Definition while plus signifies DVR capabilities. On Wisetechie we cover the installation and the basic formalities,  head on over to IndianTechBlog  for features and usage.

Ordering and Installation : I ordered via the Tata Sky helpline, I paid with my credit card over IVRS, the set top box cost me Rs.3999, 500 rupees less than it would have cost me if I were a new customer. Tata Sky is a move which I consider unfair trade practice has restricted name transfers on Set Top Boxes. That would ensure that people return their set top box to Tata Sky for Rs.300. The engineer who came to install told me that the returned boxes are then used as replacements when someone’s STB goes kaput.

Anyway, 12 hours later I got a call from a Tata Sky engineer wanting to fix an appointment with me. He arrived 30 minutes late for the appointment with a set top box and a dish. He replaced the previous dish because the new STB would need a bigger one. Also since this had a DVR, they would need an additional wire from the Tata Sky dish to our STB.

Tata Sky HD Set Top Box Carton

The carton in all its glory, contains a Set Top Box, Smart Card, HDMI cable, el cheapo batteries, remote and a manual.

Tata Sky HD Set Top Box Carton Price

Made in Thailand, el cheapo :) , also notice inflated MRP of 4999.

Tata Sky HD Plus Wiring

A view of the backside wiring of Tata Sky Plus HD. This has a FAN Open-mouthed smile

Tata Sky HD Plus Wiring

Notice the Ethernet ports and the USB ports, they are marked for future use in the manual. If its future use or TATA Sky couldn’t figure out a use , its anybody’s guess !

After the wiring was done, the installation guys switched on the STB and let the box download the new software, a few calls to the Tata Sky helpline and we were all set, receiving HD channels. For HD channels, Tata Sky charges Rs.50 a month extra on top of your normal package. Its definitely steep, especially for only 6-7 HD channels. Star has the most HD offerings and Star World , Star Movies and Star Plus HD do not have advertisements yet.

The set top box in all its glory !

Picture quality was as expected much crisper for the HD channels and even non-HD channels improved a lot. I am using a Sony Bravia 40 inch LCD with this box and the difference in non-HD channels was very noticeable.

Tata Sky Plus HD cable HDMI

Above is a snap of the HDMI cable given along with the Tata Sky Plus HD Set Top Box, nothing much to write home about, looking to get a replacement from the United States in hopes of even better signal quality. Anyone knows if gold plated ones are worth it ?

A small overview of the Tata Sky Plus HD remote :

Tata Sky HD Plus Remote Buttons

Hope you enjoyed this basic overview of the Tata Sky HD Plus Installation and Ordering process. For more information about features and information about usage and hacks, log onto this IndianTechBlog article.

A special mention for the Tata Sky installation team here, they were thoroughly professional and did their job very very well.

Sep 28

A few months ago i had posted about how Sony India was refusing to honour its warranty clause on a memory stick and how one of their employees Ms. __ (the company officials know her name as i had written it in my email to them) had behaved rudely. When i let her know that her tone was not appreciated she refused to help me and honour my request.

Anyway i wrote a strong letter to their online dept. (4-5 letters actually), and pretty soon a Sony India employee called me and told me to take his name at the service centre and my memory stick shall be replaced. It was amazing to see the affect of his name on the service centre people. Suddenly the service centre people who didn’t have means to test Memory Stick Pro devices now had a card reader which could test them. Funny the same employee who had told me this had a memory stick pro with himself. Anyway they reluctantly accepted my memory stick and warned me about a long wait time. Suddenly instead of shooing me like a beggar, the guy there was chatting with me.

Last Tuesday i got a call from them informing me that my memory stick was now available, woohooooooooooo to that !

But that joy was shortlived. On going to their Lajpat Nagar service centre i was shocked to see the replacement was of a memory stick duo and not the model i had given. The service centre receptionist rudely told me that the model i gave is not  made anymore (which is a blatant lie). He also asked me to purchase an adaptor myself, if Sony gives a pro adaptor with new duo memory sticks why didnt it give me an adaptor with my replacement for a pro memory stick, perhaps they want me to spend more money. What was more shocking though was the fact that i was told the only way to seek redressal is via emails, there is no feedback form or telephone system. In short the service centre is invincible. There is absolutely no way to write feedback at Sony India’s main service centre in the capital of India (thats what i was told). Even dhakkan companies who import Chinese stuff have feedback mechanisms at service centres.

I have written another email to them, but it seems like a dead end. It seems that their concern for the customers is only till you have the money to buy the product. The minute you buy their product, they dont care less. I saw so many Vaios today at the service centre that it sort of validated my decision to buy a DELL.

On a better note, i will be writing about Dell’s Next Day onsite Warranty service which is AWESOME ! Sony could learn a thing or two.

Jul 19

Another tale of bad customer service, this time from supposedly the best and most expensive brand in the consumer durables market. But Sony India just lost all the respect i had for them.

Hopefully someone can forward this to a Sony India personnel. Thanks, i as a consumer am appealing to your guys reading this.

So it all started when i purchased a Digital Camera (Cybershot) from an authorised Sony dealer alongwith a Memory Stick. The dealer told me that the memory stick has a 5 year warranty , i asked him to mention this on the bill so that they don’t refuse. A warranty card was inside the Digital Camera package but there was none in/with the memory stick.

Anyway the memory stick turned out to be junk, losing files like crazy. I goto Sony service center in New Delhi and the guys there tell me that i need a warranty card, i tell them the dealer didnt give me a warranty card. So they give me Sony India’s corporate office (Mathura Road) number which i call and ask to speak to customer care , i am redirected to their call center (i think) , i tell the lady my ordeal and she says that there should be no problem and transfers me to a senior at their Mathura Road office. She talks to service center guys who say they need a warranty card, hands the phone to me.  Now i am talking to Ms. ________ (name hidden for privacy) , she is the rudest person that can talk to a customer. Literally shouts at me that warranty card is not a paper sticking to the memory stick (WTH !) , i tell her to mind her tone, she replies : my tone is not complicated and then says “now that you say it , your stick will not be serviced without a warranty card” , anyway my blood is boiling at this point of time so i say ok and slam my flip phone.

Anyway 2-3 things, my only fault was trusting the dealer and Sony as a company, please look into the following points:

1. Why is your staff at office not trained to talk politely to customers ?

2. How is it a customer’s fault that the dealer didn’t hand the warranty card ? Its for precisely this reason i asked him to mention the warranty in the bill, i am a genuine customer, with a genuine bill bought a genuine product from your authorized dealer.

3. I have a proof of purchase, i have the product but still Sony India refused to solve my problem.


I received a reply from their Northern Region customer care head, i have sent my invoice to them, i will keep everyone updated, hopefully Sony India will live up to its great name.

Earlier occasions where bad service was highlighted and was successful in company’s response:

Nov 25

This is the most popular playstation 3 game in our poll

Ridge Racer 7

Looks Nice

Nov 20

A 1000 people remained camped near Times Square in New York for three days to be the first ones to get their hand on the new Nintendo Wii Gaming Console which features a revolutionary new controlling system : a single handed controller, which will be wielded like a sword to play the multitude of games on the platform. Although the sales arent expected to beat those of Arch rival Sony’s Playstation 3 , what is expected is that more and more ‘loyal’ nintendo fans will want to get their hands on this new piece of hardware. Most fans were excited about playing the game ‘Zelda’ on their new Wii systems. Many were dressed up as popular Nintendo characters also while waiting in the queue.

Nintendo Wii Controller

The Wii will have its australian debut on 7th December this year.