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February 20, 2015

Sony reveals world’s stupidest tech product : 64GB Micro SD card SR-64HXA for $155

  Sony in a move that has been criticized around the Internet have released a revolutionary new product (yeah right !) , its a $155 64gb micro SD card which Sony has annotated with ‘For Premium Sound’. I love to do reviews however I will never spend $155 on this piece of shit. The for ‘premium sound’ seems to be the only USP for this […]

May 26, 2011

Comprehensive Tata Sky Plus HD Review : Installation to Features to Usage of Tata Sky’s HD DVR offering

Finally I decided to go over to the HD side, and why not get a DVR while we are at it. I decided to upgrade my Tata Sky box to a Tata Sky HD Plus set top box. HD signifies High Definition while plus signifies DVR capabilities. On Wisetechie we cover the installation and the basic formalities,  head on over to IndianTechBlog  for features and […]

July 19, 2008

Sony India : Bad customer service, rude employees

Another tale of bad customer service, this time from supposedly the best and most expensive brand in the consumer durables market. But Sony India just lost all the respect i had for them. Hopefully someone can forward this to a Sony India personnel. Thanks, i as a consumer am appealing to your guys reading this. So it all started when i purchased a Digital Camera […]

November 20, 2006

Nintendo Wii launched in United States

A 1000 people remained camped near Times Square in New York for three days to be the first ones to get their hand on the new Nintendo Wii Gaming Console which features a revolutionary new controlling system : a single handed controller, which will be wielded like a sword to play the multitude of games on the platform. Although the sales arent expected to beat […]