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February 29, 2016

Try out for your innerwear needs !

I usually stay away from reviews of Indian e-commerce websites since there are so many, but I would like to promote this fledgling startup offering great value on innerwear. I was looking for a particular brand of vests and couldn’t find it anywhere online except on this site. The vests were great value and the website offered free shipping. It was cheaper than what the […]

September 14, 2015

Using Hotwire for cheap vacation hotels : My mixed experience visiting Portland, OR

So I decided to take a vacation to Portland, OR. It would have required a night of overnight stay so I started looking for good hotels online. Since we were 4 people I wasn’t able to use a lot of websites. Sites like don’t even have an option to configure the number of people in a room. Not wanting to argue with check-in staff […]

September 12, 2015

Yellow Journalism by Fox News : Safeway v/s Whole Foods prices : the basic logical flaw

Recently on television I saw a sensationalist segment on Fox News regarding the prices at Whole Foods v/s Safeway. Everything was great, there was even a caveat that prices vary by region, however something didn’t seem right. Safeway is absolutely not more expensive in my limited experience here in the Pacific Northwest.   To be honest, my headline is also a bit sensationalistic, Fox News […]

September 9, 2015

Love McDonalds ?, get the McDonalds iOS app for amazing deals

So I do try to live healthy, but every once in a while I cheat by having chicken mcnuggets at Mcdonalds. They are the kryptonite to this superman. Chipotle, I love you, but your taste nothing like the engineered taste of chicken McNuggets. Anyway a few weeks ago McDonalds released their mobile app which on registering gives you a free premium sandwich. So at a […]

February 20, 2015

Of Amazon, third party sellers and manufacturer warranties : ISmooth lightning cable warranty experience

In the May of 2014, I had bought a lightning cable (ignore image, for representation purpose only) from this seller  called AFFLUX on Incase you get bored and don’t read further, don’t buy anything from these guys. They are a third party seller on It was an iSmooth iPhone 5s charging cable (3ft), not very expensive, however the cable was always very buggy […]