Living in Delhi (Tech Style) – New Series !!!

Whenever i go out of Delhi, i am often asked things about Delhi, so we decided to do a new series. Living in Delhi – Tech Style

This is a new series on the Wisetechie blog. We shall be describing tech things we see work with or use in Delhi everyday. Whether its the Iphone which everyone seems to have in the Metro, or whether its the Delhi Metro itself, or whether its the new super cool green high tech buses of the Delhi Transport Corporation, the cameras at various traffic intersections, people using HCL Mileaps or Asus EEE PCs or their Macbooks.

We shall review one item of interest in Delhi at a time !

So be on the lookout for this series

You may also ask questions about how things work in New Delhi  (If you already dont know)

The Logitech V470 Bluetooth Laser wireless mouse reviewed

Logitech V470

So the touchpad on my laptop was going to give me carpel tunnel syndrome. So i decided to get a good and cheap wireless mouse. Unfortunately in India there is no good bluetooth mouse available. All mice are actually crodless mice which ask you to place their receiver in the USB port of your laptop/desktop. My notebook has built in bluetooth, so i wanted to use this technology. The best way was to search for a Bluetooth wireless mouse with seamless connectivity. I chose the Logitech V470 (the white one as it was cheaper :P)

The mouse says its built for a MAC, humbug i say, its works pretty well with Windows Vista too.

Logitech V470 Pack

The Good :

  • Extremely responsive
  • Seamless plug and play connectivity.
  • Good speed and accuracy in terms of pointer movement
  • Vertical scroll, horizontal scroll etc.
  • Laser tracking, better than conventional Optical Mice
  • Cheap in the US
  • Comes with 2 free Duracell batteries

Logitech V470 Batteries

  • Comes with a free carry pouch
  • Looks and feels expensive

The Bad:

  • Expensive in India
  • No rechargable batteries
  • Battery usage might be on the higher side
  • Takes a little time getting used to
  • Slightly heavy with batteries
  • Should ideally be used with a cordless keyboard, otherwise its frustrating reaching out for the keyboard when lying down and doing some work

Most of the bads are the ones common with all wireless devices, hence the mouse deserves a good rating. I have been using it quite a lot with my DELL laptop. The mouse connects automatically to my Laptop and takes control of the pointer. I can choose to deactivate the track-pad if i want to, but i usually don’t. The mouse also has a convenient underside on/off button to conserve the battery. All in all a great buy.


Why not to buy and Imate phone in India : Part II

After i wrote to Imate’s customer care about the exhortatory spare part costs, this is the reply i got. They told me that the price is set by the service center and i should co-ordinate with them on this matter ::

Dear valued customer

Thank you for your email.

We would like to inform you that the price for the spare parts is only in concern with the service centre.

So we request you to please coordinate with the service centre.

For further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,

<name removed>

This is the care they have shown for me as a ‘valued Imate customer’, needless to say i will never ever buy an Imate phone again in India and have recommended the same to all my family members and friends. The phones are great, but try and get service from Imate and they will clean your pockets :P

Our Wifi Router – Linksys WRT54 Easy to setup

linksys router

This is our wifi router which we use to connect to the internet via our laptop. Its a WRT54G model from Linksys (which is a Cisco company). Delhi has a very high number of unsecured wifi connections. Even in my building i get 4-5 wifi networks at any given point of time. And only 2 people are smart enough to secure it. The router however easily allows one to secure his/her network.

The router features a WPA2 key system by which you can ensure that your Internet access is not abused by anyone else. Next week we will be showing you how to prevent your MTNL and Airtel and Tata Indicom accounts from being used by people who are not authorised to do so via Wi-fi.

Also i setup the router unconventionally , instead of connection the router to the Internet port of the wifi router, i chose a different way. I setup the broadband router to be another node on the Wifi router , this way all the data is automatically routed via the broadband router without changing any other settings.

Also if you are planning to get one, try and get it from the USA, the routers are pretty expensive here in India compared to USA.

Why not to buy an Imate phone !

imate sp4

I am was the proud owner of a Imate phone till now. Sure it turned heads, one mention of Imate and people’s eyes twinkled. I was happy till recently. In college one day i saw that the screen had developed a huge crack. I decided to get the screen replaced. Having replaced the screen of one of my earlier phones for 800 rupees i didnt really think of it as that much of a big deal. I thought the screen would costs anywhere from 1000 to 1500 rupees.

I went to Asian electronics at Rajouri garden to get the screen fixed. The clerk very casually told me that the screen would cost me 4000 rupees. I was shocked, i asked him how it could be, the cost should be proportionate to the phone cost atleast. ‘Aisa hi hota hai’  the clerk said. One surfing the Internet i found more people with similar stories whose screens had gotten cracked by themselves and Imate had asked for exhortative screen costs. 5000 rupees another customer of Imate has written on an online forum.

Wow, i never thought that this company would be looking to make quick bucks by robbing its loyal and old customers with superoverpriced spare parts. Old and loyal customers should be respected not robbed. Ask Apple, it tries super hard to keep its loyalists and thats why its a successful company. I decided not to get the screen repaired. Its not that i cant afford the 4000 rupees , but its just that i cant stand the sight of an Imate phone now. Whenever i see someone with an Imate i think to myself, such an unlucky guy.

So i have also written to Imate’s support about this issue, lets see what they reply.

But advice to all our readers, think twice before taking this plunge.