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Mar 24


Software : Fring VOIP

URL : http://www.fring.com

Platform : Symbian


Everyone who uses the internet knows about the benefits of Skype. It allows you to make free PC to PC calls and paid PC to phone ones. But its always a nuisance to switch on your computer , connect the Mic and the Speakers/Headphones and talk like you are the Radio Communicator of some 1950s war movie.

So i searched for a Symbian utility that would help me make calls over GPRS and pretty soon i landed my hands on this nifty utility. ITs called Fring and is by an Israel based company (i think). It allows you to make free Skype, MSN and Gtalk calls from your GPRS enabled symbian handset.

The method  to install Fring is a little bit weird, you must first register your telephone number on Fring and they will send you an SMS with the URL to the download location. On clicking the link Fring will be downloaded and installed to your phone.

So what is Fring and how does it work, Fring enables the usage of VoIP over mobile phones and hence make life a little bit easier for us. It means like i call people from Skype,Google Talk and MSN using my computer , the same can be done by a mobile phone. I talk on my cellphone like its a regular call and it doesn’t cost a thing.

My Experience

My experience has been a mixed one. I am using the 2.0 version which does not have SIP.

Its  a nice software. Enabled me to make calls with my Airtel Mobile Office GPRS account. But there was a 1-3 second lag probably due to Airtel’s slow connection. And another thing is that the Application is somewhat unstable. The application crashed often on my Symbian phone leaving its backend UA clent working. But free lunch is always good. I enjoy using it, the convienience is unmatched and the voice quality is pretty good when my internet is working nicely. All in all a great software and highly reccomended.


Fring Screenshot Fring Screenshot


We reccomend you create special accounts for usage with Fring, as you have to disclose your login and password to their utility.


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Mar 15

Well expect lots of Symbian and PALM OS mobile application reviews, my new Nokia N series handset is great and can run most of the popular Symbian as well as J2ME applications.

Software : Gmail Application For Mobile

URL : http://www.gmail.com/app (Open with mobile phone only)

Platforms : J2ME and Symbian


The GMAIL Mobile Application enables you to check your GMAIL account using your phone and a GPRS (or EDGE) connection. Your mobile phone must have a proper security certificate to communicate with the GMAIL server. For Airtel India users, the mobile office plan will do the trick, it costs 500 rupees a month(or was it 499, big psychological edge any management student will tell you).
Logging Into GMAIL

Gmail Mobile Application Login

When you open the application, you will be prompted to select a connection, choose your GPRS connection which allows ou to access all sites.Then enter your username(BTW we don’t own wisetechie username on gmail) and password, the GMAIL application will log you in pretty quickly. The Application will then display your Inbox. At this stage Google by default starts pre-fetching your emails, so opening them is almost instantaneous.

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Dec 28


Domain NameĀ – The word fauxto , doesnt ring anything in my mind , so the domain name is not so pleasing in my opinion.

The Service – Still in Beta with new features being added regularly it seems , the application runs on Adobe Flash Player and loads pretty quickly. The interface is impressive and may remind people of Photoshop. Features wise the service still has very limited functions. The service offers five brush types , namely , round , diagonal , spatter , diagonal spatter and smear. The brushes take some practice getting used to. The text tool has 12 fonts , all the common ones , no flashy ones.

Overall – The service didn’t impress me much , although it has the potential to be big in the coming days. Maybe because its in beta its a bit sluggish , and will be better later on. Lets hope this one makes it big.

Nov 19
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