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Jun 03

route guru


Thoroughly disappointed with the sub-standard service of MapmyIndia.com, I decided to check out Routeguru.com, it has the slogan, “Directions… the good old way”. Unlike MapMyIndia.com, it does not show a map for the directions. But I was generally impressed by the route it offered, although the directions were sometime vague, like a slight right for 0 km and then immediately a slight left LOL.

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Jun 02

One of the few well made WAP sites for India. The site features all the Yahoo Essentials like OneSearch, Mail and Messenger. Apart from that it has a collection of ringtones, wallpapers, games, applications etc. to cater to everyone’s needs (frankly I don’t download such stuff). And also let us not forget the portals specific to themes. I was impressed with the cricket portal which seemed quite good. Airtel Live’s Yahoo portal is nothing compared to the original thing.

So check out wap.yahoo.co.in

Yahoo India WAP Portal Yahoo India WAP Portal

 Yahoo India WAP Portal Yahoo India WAP Portal

May 28

Lol, no we are not going underground, nor are we encouraging stealing. Its just that this particular function of Picnik is extremely useful and innovative.

Here is how it works, you enter the URL of the site whose pictures you want to take, and voila , it displays all the photos on the page separately. It does not get the layout pictures and hence eliminates the screening process.

See how easily it stole the pictures of our website.


You may also import files from Picasa Albums and Flickr. Although it wont replace picasa/or photoshop anytime soon, its a really nice step. Offers a great amount of filters which might be reviewed by us later.

And website owners beware, Picnik didnt check for a robots.txt file, so your non-robot accessable pages otherwise might also be prone to theft.

Http Code: 200 Date: May 28 12:22:56 Http Version: HTTP/1.1 Size in Bytes: 32556

Agent: Picnik Image Editor +http://picnik.com

May 24



First things first, Futurebazaar isnt paying me to write this, although I wouldn’t mind if they did ;)

I ordered a 2GB pen drive from futurebazaar.com recently. Frustrated with the lowly and pathetic service of Indiatimes (if you love your money, give indiatimes a BIG SKIP) , i decided to check out one of the new players in the market. Futurebazaar is the online shopping portal of Big Bazaar which is an arm of the Pantaloon group of India.

I made the payment by credit card and i received an order confirmation only a day later. It said that my Card had not yet been charged and my order would be processed after bank’s verification of the charges. Hmmm, logging onto Netbanking i saw that my card had already been charged. I waited a day, the next day i got confirmation that my card had been charged and that they are ready to ship my order and they shipped it the same day.

But the order status at the website is confusing, it shows ‘In process’ all the time if you check the main page, the individual status page is the one which changes to reflect the latest status.

I received my pen drive on the 3rd day via Bluedart at 10:00 AM dot, the package was neat , had a warranty card and a card certifying that goods were genuine(Indiatimes i am sure cant provide this, most electronics they sell are grey market smuggled ones).

All in all, a 4 out of 5 experience with 1-2 minor glitches.

Pen Drive


May 23

When Microsoft ventures into something, you know its going to be the best and the biggest. So this Graphing calculator was no different.

Graph Calculator

The Graphing calculator is just a small part of Microsoft Student’s Math tools and is made by the Educational Products Division of Microsoft (My favourite division for reasons you will never know :P )

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May 15

Microsoft has launched its file hosting service called Windows Live Folders. It offers 250 MB of free storage space on the MSN servers. The maximum file size is fixed at 50 MB. Not only can you host your files for free, you can also limit access to them to your friends and family. All they need is a Windows Live Account for accessing the files.

The display is uncluttered and minimalist. You are allowed to organize your files into folders. Each folder can have a certain share level which is indicated by the (huge) icon next to the folder name.

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