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Jul 04

This is in continuation in our series of evaluating Opera Mini 4 Beta :

Opera Mini 4 Beta

If you have been reading our blog, you would have read about Microsoft Deepfish, well Opera Mini 4 copies its best feature, the zoom and view feature, see and observe

Opera Mini 3

Opera Mini 3 Screenshot

The page is rendered to fit in the screen and most background images arent loaded.

Opera Mini 4

But opera 4 is leaps and bounds ahead, it shows a miniature version of the whole webpage and allows you to zoom around and move across sections. This makes browsing a lot simpler and gives more pleasure. The only con of this is that you will not be able to see large images all at once.
Opera Mini 4 Screenshot – > Opera Mini 4 Screenshot zoom

This feature allows you to conveniently select which part of the webpage you want to view. I used it on my Nokia N series and it worked like a charm. And yes it opens orkut too.