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Mar 25

Software : Opera Mini

URL : http://www.operamini.com

Platform : PALM OS


Absolute Rubbish !

Opera Mini happens to be my favourite software across all mobile applications. So when i found out they finally had the PALM version i was excited. The earlier MIDP 2 version always used to crash in the IBM virtual java thingy of my Palm Treo 650.

I logged onto operamini.com using my phone, Opera didnt recogonise my phone as a phone and displayed the HTML page instead. I clicked on download, and selected my phone. I downloaded the ‘free’ .prc version of Opera Mini. It got downloaded fairly quickly and got installed. I open it and it asked for random strings just like it always does to secure my connection.

Then i entered a URL and kept the phone on my desk, one minute later i found Opera Mini had crashed. I tried again , only this time i watched the crashing in action, it tried to open the license agreement and crashed again.

I uninstalled opera mini, blazer is fine for me !

My Verdict – Opera Mini is uncompatible with Palm Treo 650, no matter what they claim.

Dec 28

Opera mini it seems is everyone’s favourite , why shouldnt it be , the way it renders huge pages into a few kbs is ultracool. So many people had asked me how to scrap in Opera Mini on Orkut , the answer is simple (If you want to see how to login using Opera Mini onto Orkut , see our previous post
1. Just type what all you need to type in the field

2. Then type this javascript: submitForm(document.getElementById(‘b2′),’submit’);

Remove the space between : and s in the above command.

Similarly to know more such tricks , just see the javascript of the action you want to perform on Orkut and then you can use the same javascript URL on your mobile phone browser. This has to be done as Opera mini doesnt support javascript fully till now. Another good news for all you Opera mini fans is that Opera Mini 3 Beta has been released, keep looking at this column for a review !

Nov 25

I love my Opera Mini , its so much better than the original Browser that came with my phone , but there was only 1 site it couldnt access


How could i waste countless hours without Orkut , then the smart techie Rohit comes to the rescue and enables us all to indulge even more , see and observe ::

I have seen some people sit for HOURS at the social networking site called Orkut. Many of them even try to get onto the site through their puny mobile browsers. Some time ago I had written about Opera Mini and how well it rendered pages; even those with Javascript. However it has a flaw… poor/no support for AJAX. With Google pushing its AJAX login box inside an IFrame on every one of its services, logging in through Opera Mini on its sites it next to impossible.

Same with Orkut. So for all you Orkut fanatics out there I came up with a URL that would allow you to get there even with Opera Mini!

Read the whole thing here

Orkut for Opera Mini