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Sep 11

Home Shop 18 Logo

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After the Futurebazaar reviews, Indiatimes shopping reviews (:P) , we are back with another online portal to shop with. The newly launched Homeshop18 shopping portal owned by the CNBC TV18 group. It all began with my dad being an avid user of CNBC’s portfolio manager. One day while he was logged in, he got a message that he has been given a Rs.100 voucher on Homeshop18.

I told him, its free money, lets spend it and it will also tell us more about the shopping procedures on Homeshop18 and also their level of service and goods quality. So i ordered some stuff, pretty close to Rs.100, didnt want to spend too much from my own pocket and be stuck with something not worthwhile.

So i bought the stuff, i got the delivery within 3 days from my order. But i was shocked to see the huge difference in advertised goods and goods sent to me. I had opted for the free gift wrap but that too was missing. Also missing was a part of the product (a greeting card) advertised. So it really wasnt pleasant.

I wrote to Homeshop 18 about the missing card, and here are their replies, notice that they didnt immediately offer to send the card, only when insisted did they send it.

Their 1st Reply

Dear _________,

We sincerely apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Please be informed we shall take up the matter with our vendor to avoid such instances in future.

Please treat this as an exception and not as a standard to judge the quality of service we strive to achieve for our esteemed customers.

Hope to serve you better with each progressing day.

Warm regards,
Customer Care

On September 1 i told them to send me the card, they said that they will tell the vendor to do the same. By september 7 i was all out of patience and told them it seems their vendor doesnt care about what he advertises and what he sells.


Apparently the vendor doesn’t care about what he promises and what he doesn’t, i am yet to get the card for the said order. Shows the level of commitment of the vendor towards his customers.


Its then that they told me that they would expedite the process.

Dear _______,

Please note we have reminded the vendor to expedite the same.We shall get this closed at the earliest.

Warm regards,
Customer Care

And i got a nice greeting card about 2 days later.

So in the end, i was satisfied, but the initial lack of response left a bad taste in the mouth, lets see if i see a good deal there again, i might just spend some money and check their service again.


Jul 25

I had ordered another product from Futurebazaar, the 1st purchase had come to me in 3 days, so naturally i was expecting the same blazing fast delivery. When even after 7 days i got no confirmation that my shipment was ready, i wrote to Futurebazaar customer care, No Reply after 24 hours even, i was worried, another email shot to them.

Then they replied, they told me that my order was still under process and they were yet to charge my Credit Card, this was strange, as i dont think they can store my Credit Card information, plus i enter Credit Card information only at the ICICI bank Credit Card gateway.

So i wrote an email to HDFC Bank, asking about the status of the charge, this is what they replied :

At the outset we wish to clarify that HDFC credit cards are accepted at all Merchant Establishments affiliated to Visa/MasterCard International. Consequently, some of the charges incurred by our cardholders are presented to us by the other banks affiliated to Visa/MasterCard International. The transactions are processed to the card account as and when the same is received from another member bank.

While we have received authorisation requests for the amount of Rs.xxx and the same was approved, our records indicate that the transaction has not been processed to your card account as on date. In absence of any charge being processed to your card account for 20 days, the authorisation amount blocking the limit will be cancelled.

Should you require any further assistance or clarification please do not hesitate to contact our service representatives at any of our 24 hour Call Center telephone numbers given below.

Assuring you of our best service at all times.

Customer Service Officer

So basically the amount is already approved by my bank, but its waiting for a formal request from their bank to send the money. This is quite an interesting strategy, as in case they run out of a product or fail to deliver , they just dont process the charge and you get your money back automatically.

But anyway, I would only give futurebazaar, 3 out of 5 for this particular shopping event, i hate waiting, and i hate not being replied to early. Otherwise the shopping experience is a 4.5/5, they just gotta work on their CRM. My last product came with a certificate of authenticity, this one did not though.

But anyway, futurebazaar.com is looking really promising , their product portfolio is pretty good and i daresay their prices are tempting, and also they themselves sell their products, unlike Indiatimes, where people sell grey market fakes and smuggled goods often.


May 24



First things first, Futurebazaar isnt paying me to write this, although I wouldn’t mind if they did ;)

I ordered a 2GB pen drive from futurebazaar.com recently. Frustrated with the lowly and pathetic service of Indiatimes (if you love your money, give indiatimes a BIG SKIP) , i decided to check out one of the new players in the market. Futurebazaar is the online shopping portal of Big Bazaar which is an arm of the Pantaloon group of India.

I made the payment by credit card and i received an order confirmation only a day later. It said that my Card had not yet been charged and my order would be processed after bank’s verification of the charges. Hmmm, logging onto Netbanking i saw that my card had already been charged. I waited a day, the next day i got confirmation that my card had been charged and that they are ready to ship my order and they shipped it the same day.

But the order status at the website is confusing, it shows ‘In process’ all the time if you check the main page, the individual status page is the one which changes to reflect the latest status.

I received my pen drive on the 3rd day via Bluedart at 10:00 AM dot, the package was neat , had a warranty card and a card certifying that goods were genuine(Indiatimes i am sure cant provide this, most electronics they sell are grey market smuggled ones).

All in all, a 4 out of 5 experience with 1-2 minor glitches.

Pen Drive


Feb 10

If you get The Times of India , its very much possible you have read the reader’s offer. It offers everything from bags to PDAs at ‘supposedly’ LOWEST prices. And i pretty much agree, the only place you might get them lower is the grey market. But wait, this is the grey market. The PDAs sold by Indiatimes through that offer are nothing but unlocked mobile phones from the USA. How much legal it is, i am not sure. But 1 thing is certain that there is absolutely NO warranty on these from the company’s side. These mobiles come packed in cheap chinese boxes and with 3rd grade battery chargers , the manual is included on a cheap CD. And the ad blissfully doesnt mention any of this.

It shocks me that a respected publishing house like TOI is associated with this kind of non-sense.

Their customer service could also use a revamp, they all have different versions for everything. If you have been cheated by indiatimes.com , write in the comments below your experience , it might help in resolving it.