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Nov 11

For those of you who buy on eBay and think that negative feedback  is a tool to fight against fraudulent sellers, think again. I was recently dis-satisfied with a seller due to the seller failing at all standards. What was more was that the seller didn’t respond to a few of my emails and selectively replied to 1 ignoring others. The transaction was not smooth at all and I had to face a lot of hardship. What was more was that this seller had a history of such sour deals all over the internet. They also deal via mail order catalogs and had a lot of negative feedback. The seller had deliberately stated false information in the listing, shipped late , misspelled my address etc..

Anyway, after I left negative feedback, the seller’s sleep vanished, suddenly I was getting calls and all my emails were replied to after the feedback. A week later this seller applied to eBay community court wherein users vote on issues regarding feedback disputes. This seller wrote a 5 line dispute with little info and lies. I exposed these lies in my reply which had a good 12 points.

Here is the fraud support by eBay, the seller is allowed to post another reply to buyer’s feedback justification while the buyer may not post any such thing. The fraudier part is that the buyer can’t even see what lies and web the seller has spun. The policy is tilted into the favour of the seller and essentially is against the principle of justice wherein each person should get equal right to present their case.

Also the community court voters seem like disinterested folks who probably cant differentiate between a fly and an elephant. Anyway, I am happy that negative feedback against this seller is swelling everyday. Hopefully ebay will kick him out, but it seems he is using the court to remove other people’s negative feedback too.

Just to give you a magnitude of the eBay fraud , this seller had 29 negative feedback in 1 month yesterday, and its only 21 today, this seller seems to have learnt how to bend rules and continue cheating people ignoring the so called good selling policies of eBay. As his volume is high, it seems even eBay is reluctant to take action against this seller.

Seriously eBay, you need to become better and get rid of this community court hogwash or at least make it transparent ! Who had a court in which one party doesn’t get to see and respond to the other party’s arguments.

Sep 23


DilSeBol is the first company we review in our series on the Indian Customised  Merchandise market. We found the customer care from DilSeBol to be very kind and warm and they were happy to arrange a review item for us :)

Now for the review :

Firstly, DilSeBol has a very responsive customer service and staff. We got quick replies to all our needs and questions. On the products front they offer everything from T-Shirts, Mugs, Coasters, Tiles  to Caps,Calendars, Key Chains etc. Of course all the products are customisable to your needs.

We ordered a two tone mug from them which is a fairly standard item for most merchandising companies. In-fact we plan to use this product as a benchmark to compare quality and service levels of various online Merchandising companies. We will be judging the companies on a variety of factors.

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Aug 24


Update : By working with Ferns N Petals customer care, we have been able to bring this issue to resolution

Regular readers may remember a previous post on Ferns and Petals. This is in continuation to that, I will give a short recap anyway. So here goes, I had sent a bouquet of flowers to my dad on his birthday via Ferns and Petals‘s official website fnp.in. And it turned out to be one of the worst decisions of my life.

The flowers were decayed and browning, the buds hadn’t opened in a number of flowers, they weren’t fresh and to rub salt to our wounds, the design was different from what was on the website. So going ahead, I wrote an email to these guys asking them to replace the flowers, got no response.

Then I filed a Paypal dispute against these thieves, I got a reply after a few days :

We have received a complaint from your side for the below order.

Please advice what will be the best way to correct the mistake done from our vendor side.

Awaiting for your reply.

Thanks and Regards


This had travelled a large way inside their company , anyway I asked them to send a gift of the same value as the flowers to my dad as compensation and to set things right so that I use their services in the future as well.

But by now they probably realized that Paypal disputes for Significantly not as Described aren’t handled unless they happened via Ebay, so I never got a reply :(.

New Update

They replied to me after I sent this link saying that they had never received my earlier mail, they sent my dad a gift of the same value as the flowers I has purchased earlier, my parents confirmed its of good quality. Hence all’s well that ends well :) , maybe I will give them another try later on as eventually the customer care did come through even if it was after many days.

Aug 23

Early last month we were on a mission, since most of us were becoming busy with our professional lives, wisetechie.com was lying a little neglected. Apart from the customer care debacles we post, there really wasnt much activity. The reviews were drying up.

So we will brainstorming as to what should be the next product/service we review. So we looked into the past. We saw that one of our most popular posts (apart from the 100 or so comments Iphone ones) were the Snapfish and ZoomIn reviews. So we thought of reviewing the Indian online merchandise industry which quite frankly has always interested me a lot.

Online gifting has come a long way, from the flowers and chocolates from shitty websites like Ferns and Petals (never use them, more about Ferns and Petals and their low level of customer service and satisfaction  in the next post). I remember Cafepress used to be THE site for customised merchandise, and even then Indians couldnt actually order economically from them.

But we have come a  long way since those times. Online print merchandise seems to be the next big thing as far as startups and new businesses go. A lot of companies like Itasveer, DilseBol, Tshirts.in, ZoomIn etc. seem to be redefining the way business if done online. So the next time you have to send a gift to anyone, forget the flowers, and use one of these services. We will be reviewing many of these sites in the coming time. So keep a look out for them.

Mar 26

A video showing you how to replace/upgrade/remove/add RAM to your DELL Inspiron Laptop. The laptop in the video is the DELL Inspiron 1525 in which i am replacing the original Kingston RAM with Crucial high performance RAM memory. If you too are looking to replace your RAM, please look at the video carefully :

Jan 05

Futurbazaar Old Logo


New Futurebazaar Logo

Futurebazaar.com is back in a fresh new avatar. It no longer looks bland and boring but bright and attractive. The site has been redesigned and now has a lot of flash and a background colour so to say.

First of all, my old password did not work. I have made multiple orders from futurebazaar.com but was unable to login using my password. I had to use the forgot password feature to login to my account. But guess what ?

Even the old password didn’t work. Now i have praised futurebazaar.com in some of my earlier reviews, but they have essentially killed their website if a person cant even login to the site.

Also while browsing certain products, i got error pages and blank pages. I don’t even want to send an email telling them about their site errors. The last time I did that, I got an email from them that its working at their end (forgot the golden rule of businesses).

The new site is buggy and un-navigable, at least today it is. So they really need to get their act together to retain customers.