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Mar 04

The audio is offensive, so please use your discretion.

So one of my friends shared some RJ’s (Ginnie Mahajan) calling the defense attorney of the Delhi’s rapist (Nirbhaya case). First of all calling a defense attorney to discuss someone’s case like this on radio is entirely unethical both on the lawyer’s and the RJ’s part.

She then proceeds to blast the attorney for his stupid views (I agree these are disgusting) and then proceeds to say she will get SMS voting done and if 90% of people vote that the lawyer is wrong then he would leave the case. The lawyer agrees. I am sure the bar would like to talk to the lawyer for agreeing to such a provision. Not to mention the number is a shortcode premium number, so more the people outraged, more the money made out of this. Wink  wink !!!

At this point seems like a stupid publicity stunt by the RJ. The right to a fair trial doesn’t go away if the crime is heinous or disgusting. Juvenile comments like the RJ’s will not alter the law and the rapist still needs a defense attorney. She appeals to his soul etc. Wow, that’s not how the law works !

Now lets get back to the discussion, in the context I am sure all of us believe that justice should be swift. The RJ can disagree with the lawyer and his client all she wants, she cannot however take away his defense attorney howsoever vile his views maybe. He maybe a misogynist, he may hate women, he may say the girl deserved it and other offensive things, however that doesn’t change the fact that the accused still gets a defense attorney and without a defense attorney his prosecution will just be delayed. He cannot be hanged if he doesn’t have a lawyer. And if this lawyer leaves, the state will have to appoint another one for him and again this cycle will repeat.

This is why Ajmal Kasab had a lawyer, this is why all the murderers have lawyers. And the other place where the RJ is dead wrong is that the defense lawyer’s job is to defend his client. Just because the client is the rapist doesn’t change his duty to his trade. Infact I am pretty sure it can be deemed a mistrial if the defense attorney doesn’t work to try to get his client the best defense he can offer.

The disgusting statements made by the accused and his lawyer are not even defense which tell you they dont have much, however stunts like these will only delay justice and get some TRP (what’s the radio equivalent ? ) for the RJ.

So if someone knows RJ Ginni, please tell her this. Please be disgusted by his views, but these publicity stunts and SMS voting (for God’s sake) wont result in anything. They will just delay justice and give the rapist more time to live.

Feb 22

I feel sad for my race and India. Being out of India for some time I had not realized the state of the Internet and social media in India. The Viral fever’s latest Arnub video had something of the likes of scoopwhoop, I was wondering what that is.

And a few days later I know.

Its India’s Buzzfeed, a site which publishes a series of mindless articles day in and day out which deliver little value to the user but have shock/lure elements to ensure they laugh their way to the bank. Its one of the few times you can feel yourself becoming dumber while reading something.

All of it is clickbait and nothing else. Incase you dont know what clickbait is, Urban Dictionary very elegantly defines it as :

An eyecatching link on a website which encourages people to read on. It is often paid for by the advertiser ("Paid" click bait) or generates income based on the number of clicks.

I wont link to any of their pages to demonstrate how stupid their articles are, but in their fashion, we have :

5 headlines you wont believe articles could ever have !


5. 22 Times When Shahrukh Khan Was Possessed And In Need Of Exorcism

Yes, being possessed is a real thing, and this article was complete with Shahrukh wearing a nose-ring with a highly pierced goat. Bet you never thought you would see that one too.

4. If You Feel Your Butt Is Plotting Against You, This Ad Might Just Be What You Need

Wow, do you feel your butt is plotting against you, what about your colon, and your kidneys, surely your Adam’s apple is plotting against you. At this moment all I can feel is that my eyes are plotting against me that I have to read such shitty headlines.

3. Ever Wondered What Happens When A Car Ingests A Viagra Pill Accidentally?

Yeah, there is nothing wrong with you if you wondered that, everyone wonders what happens when a car ‘ingests’ (sic!) a Viagra pill, that too accidentally, stay there while I call the mental hospital.

2. Girl Calls Up Her Ex And Cries On The Phone. Her Pain Sounds A Lot Like A Snoop Dogg Hit

And the article is accompanied by a photo of a dolphin jumping next to next to a dancing Snoop Dogg. If this isn’t clickbait, I don’t know what is.


And last but not the least, this isn’t humorous but just sad. As if it was not enough that a fame hungry actor has been exploiting the poor and making videos of them without any regard to their privacy and dignity, we have creepy sites like Scoopwhoop promoting shit like this via even worse clickbaity headlines :

1. Watching This Child Labourer Eat At McDonald’s For The First Time Will Break Your Heart


I hope you understood the reason for this article, stop clicking on stupid posts in facebook and sharing them. Sites like these only serve to insult your intelligence. An hour spent reading this crap is so much worse than say an hour spent on Quora or reading your favorite book or even watching TV.

So the next time you see a ridiculous post, resist that temptation to click, remember the other person is just trying to make money off you by insulting your intelligence.

Feb 20

iSmooth 3ft lightning cable

In the May of 2014, I had bought a lightning cable (ignore image, for representation purpose only) from this seller  called AFFLUX on Amazon.com. Incase you get bored and don’t read further, don’t buy anything from these guys. They are a third party seller on Amazon.com

It was an iSmooth iPhone 5s charging cable (3ft), not very expensive, however the cable was always very buggy and often would complain that the accessory is not supported. I battled through it, standing on one leg, re-attaching the wire etc. every time it would happen. However as time passed the wire became more and more unreliable. So much so that it became impossible to recharge using this cable.

I remembered that the cable was iSmooth’s and on their website they claimed a 10 year warranty on their cable products. So I tried to get in touch with AFFLUX through Amazon asking them if they can help in this matter. To my surprise they did not even reply to my complaints.

Next, I contacted ISmooth who offer the warranty, they asked me for the invoice from Amazon and promptly told me that they will not honor warranty as AFFLUX is not an authorized reseller and they are following up with Amazon and AFFLUX. I am currently following up on them regarding a replacement since their warranty terms don’t mention anything about purchasing from them only. However not much I can do if they refuse since its too small for small claims.

I filed a return request with Amazon and this time AFFLUX was super fast, they immediately declined my claim and as the return period had passed Amazon was cool with it. So I am in this bind, the manufacturer says the sale is unauthorized and the seller is AWOL and only responds when I file a claim. That too in the negative.

Anyway I contacted Amazon and they told me since this is by a third party seller they cannot refund me the money but have offered me a promotional credit. I will follow-up with ISmooth and update the thread on that replacement. They have however claimed that the super buggy cables are bound to go bad again.

In the meantime, be careful when buying stuff from Amazon’s third party sellers. This was a fairly low price item but I doubt Amazon would refund $500 after 9 months in such a situation. So that’s the lesson learnt.

Feb 20

I am on vacation in India and have nothing better to do than to browse facebook all day long while mom dear pampers me. While browsing Facebook I am seeing a disturbing/new trend, most of the videos are pure shock and awe. For example a girl denouncing rape throws out a few expletives to everyone and that spreads like wildfire. Another girl sends a ‘rap’ to Honey Singh in another shock and awe style video. Then celebs join the bandwagon with Twinkle Khanna of all people coming tot he defense of AIB roast with random crap which didnt deserve any attention.

However the social media of India which I believe runs with money to promoted videos and nothing else still made that viral. All this saddens me as many people take these videos at face value without understanding the buzzfeed kind of sites promoting these videos for profit and the so called social message is not genuine in these.

Anway before I go into depression, I am going to be sharing my views about some of the recent videos I have seen on social media, ofcourse I am not that big that I will go viral, but I still want to pen down these thoughts about one of these actors :

Varun Pruthi – I have mixed feelings about this guy, on one hand he has in the past blatantly copied videos from other US youtube stars (10 minutes of walking in Delhi streets, domestic violence etc.) (Which I should warn him if he ever moves to the US, he would be sued for everything he is worth) , but on the other hand atleast on camera he seems to be a really compassionate person.

One of his videos about emergency vehicles in India was a really nice one but in some of his other videos while he blatantly showcases the poverty of certain people he always helps them out with money.

So I feel happy that atleast he is using his fame to really help people in the case of the ambulance video.

But he should do it in a better way for poverty  instead of exploiting a small kid. And you have 20 somethings going awww and aaah over his antics. If you see the video below Vrun Pruthi starts by bringing the kid into the McDonalds and then proceeds to buy him food. The kid may feel its a selfless act but its not because his stooge has a hidden camera and is recording his every move.

So he tells him things like buy anything you want, eat everything etc. which seems so stupid for the poor kid. And then he proceeds to buy all his pens. Had he done it anonymously it would have been a much better thing to do rather than making poverty porn.

In other news, the girl shouting expletives apparently against the fictitious rapist (at a standup comedy event?) doesn’t deserve your views.

Feb 20

Reddit India had this photo posted by an eagle eyed user with a note that even Flipkart uses Amazon’s own services :

 Flipkart using Amazon's package

Then Reddit India cheekily tweeted this. To this, Flipkart responded in a way you wouldn’t expect :

Flipkart tweet about amazon

Something tells me we have not seen the end of this yet, more so because Flipkart still has not explained from what they got delivered to them.

Amazon Response

Modified to include Amazon’s response above.

Feb 20



Sony in a move that has been criticized around the Internet have released a revolutionary new product (yeah right !) , its a $155 64gb micro SD card which Sony has annotated with ‘For Premium Sound’.

I love to do reviews however I will never spend $155 on this piece of shit. The for ‘premium sound’ seems to be the only USP for this overpriced gadget. How much a micro SD can really improve the quality of sound is anyone’s guess. Every time I head ‘for premium sound’, I chuckle a little.


I remember when I was a kid, we would go to buy a TV in India, Sony’s Trinitron would be significantly more expensive than say an Akai TV, but we would buy the Sony for quality. Then a few interactions with Sony’s super duper shitty customer care in India and we promptly switched loyalties. We don’t blindly buy stuff just because its Sony. I am still a bit ashamed to say we have a Bravia. But in the US we have a Sharp Aquos LED TV. Sony should realize it cannot milk customer sentiment by launching such products at obscene price levels. During a good sale in the US, you may get a nice micro SD card for $15-20 from Amazon.


However coming back to the point, Sony is a company with lots of legacy and the burden of being a legend. Lets hope it innovates instead of launching these products aimed at gullible people with deep pockets. The loot starts on 5th March 2015.

Also don’t snicker at this article if you bought a Bose/Dr.Dre headset, you are also a gullible person with deep pockets :)