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January 10, 2007

Orkut Unsolicitated Messages

I logged into my Orkut account after a lot of time and saw i had around 800 unread messages, whoa !!! , i open my inbox and see that 99% of messages are from people i dont know. Some sample scam emails include ** you are not gonna miss a chance to make $1000/day at home,the real wealth package*** My dear friend This is the […]

December 19, 2006

What people dont know

Well people have been coming here searching for what all and what not. We analyse some search terms 1. Airtel Live 403 Error – Seems like the access denied or the forbidden error , to the person who searched this : You are receiving this as airtel has limited its net access to only the airtel live portal and some selected partner sites (like indiatimes […]

November 25, 2006

Accessing Orkut

I love my Opera Mini , its so much better than the original Browser that came with my phone , but there was only 1 site it couldnt access How could i waste countless hours without Orkut , then the smart techie Rohit comes to the rescue and enables us all to indulge even more , see and observe :: I have seen some […]

November 25, 2006

Free Domain Resources

We understand not everyone can afford domain names , so we list to you sites which provide you with free domain names. Although if you want a .com or .org or other such domain names free , you must be lucky or have a lot of free time to participate in forums. Domains – They offer you a free domain name , but […]

November 20, 2006

Golden Rings in was hit by a worm on Sunday November 19th , nicknamed the greygoo by the popular virtual world’s developers Linden Labs , the worm placed golden rings all around in the virtual world and the more people played with these rings , which seemed like Sega’s popular game’s Sonic the Hedgehog’s rings , the developers shut all logins to clean the virtual world after […]