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Sep 19


If you follow social media in India, you would have seen the above images already, a policeman (Pradeep ?) goes and destroys the livelihood of an elderly man. He breaks his typewriter leaving the old man in tears and possibly with no way to earn for himself. This story however sad it may sound like, this story had a happy ending. The happy ending is there only because there was a huge uproar and a lot of important people saw the photos and made noise. Eventually the UP govt. had to save face and gift the old man a typewriter.

typewriter being giftedtypewriter being gifted2

Now step back and think about how many such incidents go unnoticed every time ? Was this even this cop’s first illegal act ? There is only 1 solution to this problem and its accountability.

The police needs to be accountable to the public, to the govt. and to the laws. Without anything to confirm this accountability we will always keep having such incidents. There need to be CCTV cameras in each police station. Every policeman must wear body cameras which must record all the time. If the recording is found to be tampered or deleted, it should be grounds for immediate suspension. All police vehicles must also have dashboard cameras.


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Sep 14

In a funny news article that seriously puts into doubt whether the bosses running telecom in India are competent or not TRAI has come out with a report that mobile phone towers do not cause radiation. In a claim that can at best be called laughable, TRAI claims it tested 300 towers in Himachal Pradesh and no radiation was detected. I quote directly from a news article :

“There are 300 towers in Himachal and during the study conducted by Trai no radiation was detected and the myth has been exploded,” Trai adviser SK Gupta said

Of course any kid who has studied basic science would tell you cell phone towers are a source of electromagnetic radiation. I wonder if the TRAI baboons, oops I mean scientists were looking for nuclear radiation using geiger counters and failed to find any. If yes, they need to be sent back to high school. What’s worrying is that most such articles then go onto implore the importance of creating more mobile phone towers. Many news articles go onto quote Modi that call drops are an emergency (maybe crime in Delhi, dengue cases etc. should be  the emergencies the top babus look at ?).

While its debatable if mobile phone towers can cause diseases or cancer due to their radiation, what’s undisputed is the fact that mobile phone towers, often called as base stations do emit radiation. Now if only TRAI would stop publishing non-sense and disseminating it via Indian press. It may not be sheer incompetence on TRAI’s part but a simple case of pleasing its masters. All in all, with the sheer speed of environmental clearance fast-tracking India is seeing along with dubious research reports such as the one released by TRAI, God only can save India and its fragile environment.

A quick search of Google scholar had enough references 1 2 3 4 5 6 to radiation from mobile phone towers that I no longer question my sanity, and before you start a tirade against me, no I didn’t have time to read them from cover to cover.

Sep 13

So I was looking at some of the calls I had received which I didn’t pick up. The advent of spam calls is so high that you really cannot pick up every unknown number. I usually look them up in truecaller to see who called. Sometimes the names are cryptic and I have to callback and ask. However I came across 2 gems today. Guess who are not getting callbacks today Open-mouthed smile (For non-Indian readers, they are some cuss words with prefix and/or suffixes telling me it’s a bank or an insurance company).


bekaar insurance

Mar 10

I was curiously browsing the dailies for my latest dose of Indian news when I came across an article almost self written for the tabloids. A female white German professor denied an Indian male student an internship. Well what’s new in that, you may ask ? IITians spam every professor in the world to get a 2 month paid vacation every summer you say. Well this time the reason for denial was a classic one.

The professor Annette G. Beck-Sickinger who teaches biochemistry at Germany’s Leipzig University apparently felt scared for her female students, she was afraid of the ‘rape culture’ that’s apparently present in India and wanted to show consequences for the rapes we keep doing. She goes on to suggest that other female professors in Europe are also taking similar decisions. I know what you are thinking, but we will leave the discussion of how someone so dimwitted became a professor for another day. Lets learn about the facts of the case.

So the letter first appeared on Quora. Reading through the letters you cant help but feel angry at the professor. You can see that she probably feels all smug and superior about bashing an Indian student and Indian culture all the while forgetting about how Germany also has its own evils to deal with. I am amused at how she narrates it almost like a Hollywood movie (tourists are kidnapped and raped etc.) and also coins a new term ‘multi-rape’ crimes. The German embassy was quick to write a letter to the professor which TL;DR conveyed shut up.

The university too apologized, although the language they used left a lot to be desired. Their language seemed to suggest the professor was misquoted and her quotes were extracted and used without context. However as you see the author had pasted full letters so there is no indication of that.

Personally I hope the professor is disciplined hard, this is nothing but modern day superiority complex and racism and we cannot have it in our teachers and professors. Its only because of the Internet that we even came to know about this, otherwise this racist professor would have gotten away with it.

Letter 1 from professor :

Professor email 1

Letter 2 from professor:

Professor email 2

German Embassy’s letter to professor :

German embassy letter to professor

Mar 04

The audio is offensive, so please use your discretion.

So one of my friends shared some RJ’s (Ginnie Mahajan) calling the defense attorney of the Delhi’s rapist (Nirbhaya case). First of all calling a defense attorney to discuss someone’s case like this on radio is entirely unethical both on the lawyer’s and the RJ’s part.

She then proceeds to blast the attorney for his stupid views (I agree these are disgusting) and then proceeds to say she will get SMS voting done and if 90% of people vote that the lawyer is wrong then he would leave the case. The lawyer agrees. I am sure the bar would like to talk to the lawyer for agreeing to such a provision. Not to mention the number is a shortcode premium number, so more the people outraged, more the money made out of this. Wink  wink !!!

At this point seems like a stupid publicity stunt by the RJ. The right to a fair trial doesn’t go away if the crime is heinous or disgusting. Juvenile comments like the RJ’s will not alter the law and the rapist still needs a defense attorney. She appeals to his soul etc. Wow, that’s not how the law works !

Now lets get back to the discussion, in the context I am sure all of us believe that justice should be swift. The RJ can disagree with the lawyer and his client all she wants, she cannot however take away his defense attorney howsoever vile his views maybe. He maybe a misogynist, he may hate women, he may say the girl deserved it and other offensive things, however that doesn’t change the fact that the accused still gets a defense attorney and without a defense attorney his prosecution will just be delayed. He cannot be hanged if he doesn’t have a lawyer. And if this lawyer leaves, the state will have to appoint another one for him and again this cycle will repeat.

This is why Ajmal Kasab had a lawyer, this is why all the murderers have lawyers. And the other place where the RJ is dead wrong is that the defense lawyer’s job is to defend his client. Just because the client is the rapist doesn’t change his duty to his trade. Infact I am pretty sure it can be deemed a mistrial if the defense attorney doesn’t work to try to get his client the best defense he can offer.

The disgusting statements made by the accused and his lawyer are not even defense which tell you they dont have much, however stunts like these will only delay justice and get some TRP (what’s the radio equivalent ? ) for the RJ.

So if someone knows RJ Ginni, please tell her this. Please be disgusted by his views, but these publicity stunts and SMS voting (for God’s sake) wont result in anything. They will just delay justice and give the rapist more time to live.

Mar 01

After our last post on options for NRIs to transfer money to India, we got a great response from people. So we are exploring more options for NRIs and other folks to send back money to India and/or their home countries. Step in Remitly.


I recently needed to send some money instantly to India, this means I needed to send it via IMPS and Remitly had a nice promotion running wherein they would give me $30 in Amazon Gift Card for sending across $500 to India or Philippines. Their locked in rate is also better than Xoom even for the express rate.

So I signed up via their app and quickly was able to send across money to India. It was instantly deposited to my bank account there and I got confirmation of the same from my bank as well as Remitly.

Do note however that express transfers have a worse exchange rate than the 3 day transfers. So unless you do need the money fairly quickly, I would recommend you choose the 3 day transfers and save on the fee.

So give Remitly a spin and let us know in comments how your experience was.