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Jun 18

Futurebazaar Logo

Ah well, i am very much in love with the great service offered by futurebazaar.com, and its no news to most people. Therefore i was disappointed when my recent orders took 2 weeks to be processed and delivered. My first ever futurebazaar.com order took only 3 days to be in my hands. But since then while their service in general is impeccable towards me, the loss in speed is very much noticeable.

Recently i had placed a large order with them consisting of 4-5 items, and the last of them were delivered only 1 month after the order had been placed which is slow by any standards.

One of the items costing around 600 rupees was received broken, but Futurebazaar was kind enough to get it replaced. The item was picked up from my home within 2 days by their courier (not TNT) and seamlessly a new order was placed and i got the item in a short period. But coming back to the speed issue :

All these speed problems point to the fact that futurebazaar.com is working on thin stock and has been having problems with fulfilling orders due to small stocks and when they do run out it takes a long time for them to replenish stock. The average shipout time on their site is constant at 4.8 days for a loooooong time now and it seems they have stopped updating it for obvious reasons. They use Bluedart couriers which are definitely one of the fastest in India, so the problem is not the courier.

Whatever the problems hope futurebazaar.com ramps up their supply chain management and is able to deliver fast and good service like i am used to from them :)

Also it would be great if futurebazaar.com actually gave AWBs to people after orders are shipped, Indiatimes and Homeshop18 have this facility , then why not futurebazaar ?

Is anyone at the future group listening ?

Dec 29

I would love to use expletives in this review but will not stoop so low. But the product quality from Homeshop18 stooped low enough. Their service might not be bad but their sellers are committing frauds and homeshop18 is turning a blind eye to them.

We had ordered a 2GB mini SD card from Homeshop18, they claimed it was a Sandisk card, so we bought it. On receiving the product it was found that it was actually a cheap Chinese fake which didn’t even work. The card was very cleverly put in a Kingston SD adaptor to fool the non-techie users into thinking that the product was of Kingston. So it was not the Sandisk product advertised on Homeshop18 but a cheap Chinese. A lot of people are constantly being cheated in this way, many people are not aware of this modus operandi of the homeshop18 seller.

I wrote them a letter and they asked me to return the product which we did. Almost two weeks after the package had been delivered the return was acknowledged. I got my money back, but here are the things where Homeshop18 hits absolute rock bottom :

1. The seller had committed an absolute fraud on me, see the photos below to know what i mean :

Sandisk Card that was promised

Fake Product from Homeshop18

The product on top is the product promised to me, the lower one is what i received, a cheap Chinese fake in a Kingston adapter. It was wrapped in polyethene.

2. The product continued to be on sale for a long time and still is, i can imagine more and more people are getting cheated.

3. I am yet to be refunded my courier costs for the whole transaction for which i have written to them many times. Hopefully when someone from their company reads this review they will expedite the process of my courier cost refund.

Also Pehredaar (CNBC TV18’s show which exposes frauds) can easily do a full-fledged show on Homeshop18.

The Zero rating is for this particular transaction, i am poorer by 180 rupees which was my courier cost and is yet to be refunded. I would give it a (.5/5) when i get my money back.

Later Edit : They refunded me my courier costs after writing them an email a day, probably because when you search for their site, this review comes up. Anyway, the new rating is

[rating:.5] (Not Recommended)