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Aug 30

Loyal readers would remember me ranting about the shoddy treatment meted to me by Gamestop and how they arbitrarily disabled a Giftcard I had purchased from cardpool. Guess what ? One letter from my state Attorney General’s office and they quickly backtracked :




So the lesson here is to never take things like these lying down. There are enough agencies here to protect consumer rights, use them !

Aug 28

GIJOE Game  Label

So finally I got a chance to play my review copy of GI JOE generously sent to the Wisetechie team by EA and RocketXL. I have fond memories of having so many action figures and vehicles of GI JOE and also watching the cartoon every Saturday and Sunday morning with great zeal and vigour. So naturally when I came to know that EA was releasing the GIJOE game along-with the cinematic release of the GIJOE movie, I was thrilled.

Hits :

The game hits at quite a few places, firstly the whole GIJOE franchisee is reason enough to take the game.  JOE fans will love the game with its array of characters and so many levels and stuff to unlock. You can also play with Storm Shadow after unlocking the character and claiming his dog tags.

You also get to drive the classic GIJOE vehicles :P . Voice and music too are well researched and blend in well with the game.

The gameplay comes across as a normal shooter, nothing too special, but ok.

But sadly thats all the Hits.

Misses :

The game does disappoint at a lot of places. First and foremost are the graphics. The game does not make full use of the capabilities of modern day consoles, the graphics are blotchy at places and seem to be from a 2001 game rather than a 2009 game.

The game also loses out on camera angles and the so called auto-aim feature. The auto-aim is hard to use and plain irritating at times. The auto aim usually selects the foe you don’t want to kill and couple that with the camera problems and you have got a recipe for disaster.

Verdict :

At its current price, GIJOE doesn’t seem like a very good deal, if you are a true blue GIJOE fan and would absolutely want to play it, I would suggest wait for a price drop or festive pricing before taking the plunge.


Aug 27

God of war : Chains of Olympus  was one of the first UMDs I played on my new PSP which I had recently bought in the US and I can safely say that its one of the best strategy/action games available on the Portable PSP platform.


In God of War Kratos is back and he has to fight bigger and badder foes than ever before. The gameplay is very intuitive and doesnt take a lot to get used to for the pro gamer, although when I tried to teach my dad to play this game, it was another story. The ghost of Sparta is forced to journey to the underworld and try to save the ancient world from the Gods that wish to take over it.

The storyline is compelling and its very hard to put the unit down one you start playing. This is also a bad thing, since the game is pretty short, you do get over with it very very quickly. But no doubt this is one of the best PSP games ever made and if you have a PSP, you must play this game.


The game is unsuitable for a minor audience though, its M for mature

Aug 05


Our good friends at RocketXL and EA just informed us that the much awaited platform game G.I. JOE : Rise of the Cobra has been released. The launch is done to coincide with the releases of the movie. The game was officially released on 4th August 2009.

The game’s storyline begins where the movie’s storyline ends. You can choose the G.I. Joe of your liking as your main player, there is also a single player co-op mode so you can play with your friend.

The game is made by Electronic Arts. We are waiting for our review copy currently. But if you are a G.I. Joe fan, go grab your copy. Needless to say the storyline and game-play look awesome, but the graphics look a little sketchy (probably due to the Youtube scaling effect).

Official Website of the game: http://gijoe.ea.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/GI-Joe-The-Rise-of-Cobra-The-Game/92822101502

Console(s) : PS3, PSP, XBox 360, Nintendo DS,Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2

Lined up for Review : PSP games, Lots of them !

Mar 27

Name Of Game : Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

Platform : Symbian


This the first game we tested(fancy name for played), Game Reviews are really tough to write as Games are pretty darn expensive, but thankfully one of my friends had a licensed copy (i hope) . Anyway GRAW 2 is a game by Gameloft.

Its an action game which features weapons like Guns and Grenades and automatic rifles. The game has a handy continue feature so that you dont have to do everything from the extreme start, you can continue from the last checkpoint.

You are Captain Mitchell of the US military and must defeat the terrorists and assist your fellow soldiers. The game has similarities to real life combat also, you can hide behind sand bags , walk in shadows and kill people with stealth by getting close to them. All in all, one awesome action filled package.



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