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Feb 20

iSmooth 3ft lightning cable

In the May of 2014, I had bought a lightning cable (ignore image, for representation purpose only) from this seller  called AFFLUX on Amazon.com. Incase you get bored and don’t read further, don’t buy anything from these guys. They are a third party seller on Amazon.com

It was an iSmooth iPhone 5s charging cable (3ft), not very expensive, however the cable was always very buggy and often would complain that the accessory is not supported. I battled through it, standing on one leg, re-attaching the wire etc. every time it would happen. However as time passed the wire became more and more unreliable. So much so that it became impossible to recharge using this cable.

I remembered that the cable was iSmooth’s and on their website they claimed a 10 year warranty on their cable products. So I tried to get in touch with AFFLUX through Amazon asking them if they can help in this matter. To my surprise they did not even reply to my complaints.

Next, I contacted ISmooth who offer the warranty, they asked me for the invoice from Amazon and promptly told me that they will not honor warranty as AFFLUX is not an authorized reseller and they are following up with Amazon and AFFLUX. I am currently following up on them regarding a replacement since their warranty terms don’t mention anything about purchasing from them only. However not much I can do if they refuse since its too small for small claims.

I filed a return request with Amazon and this time AFFLUX was super fast, they immediately declined my claim and as the return period had passed Amazon was cool with it. So I am in this bind, the manufacturer says the sale is unauthorized and the seller is AWOL and only responds when I file a claim. That too in the negative.

Anyway I contacted Amazon and they told me since this is by a third party seller they cannot refund me the money but have offered me a promotional credit. I will follow-up with ISmooth and update the thread on that replacement. They have however claimed that the super buggy cables are bound to go bad again.

In the meantime, be careful when buying stuff from Amazon’s third party sellers. This was a fairly low price item but I doubt Amazon would refund $500 after 9 months in such a situation. So that’s the lesson learnt.

Jul 04

(For all WiseTechie.com email users)

For quite some time our website has been providing free email address to anyone on the internet. However, some people have taken advantage of this to create fake email accounts for spamming and phishing. This has required us to clean-up such accounts.

To tell us that you are still using your account and to prevent its deletion, please contact us at http://wisetechie.com/blog/contact-us/ with your WiseTechie.com email address and the purpose for which you use your account. We would be deleting all inactive and unmonitored accounts from the system AFTER 31ST JULY 2011.


WiseTechie.com Team

May 22

If you want to forward all your emails from your Rediffmail account to any other email account, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Rediffmail account.
  2. The browser location will look like http://f4mail.rediff.com/ajaxprism/container#Inbox. Replace container#Inbox with forwardyourmails?action=forwardmails&email=YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS&leavecopy=1
  3. Enter the email ID that you want to forward your Rediffmail email to and you are done!

Apr 09


If you are a Paypal Indian customer, your life with Paypal is officially over thanks to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Indian Government. You would have received an email to this effect already and would have realised that the Paypal account you so cherished is now just a wormhole to bring money into your bank account. You cannot use your earnings to purchase stuff on the Internet. So you can no longer use the hard earned money from your website to purchase hosting or to pay for the domain name of the said website. Under normal Indian Tax laws, these are perfectly acceptable uses for your earned money and infact are even deducted for the purpose of calculating taxable income from your business/service. The intentions of the Government are pretty clear. They want all this forex in Indian accounts but they dont want to give any leeway to Indians who are earning this money. A sad day in cyberspace for Indians indeed.

In compliance with Indian regulations, if you are selling products and services to customers globally, please review the following important information:

•       Any proceeds or earnings received into your PayPal account from the export of    goods and services should be withdrawn to your bank account within 30 days.

•       While making the withdrawal please make sure you select the purpose code that best fits your business.

•       Any proceeds or earnings received into your PayPal account from the export of goods and services may only be withdrawn to your bank account in India.  This received amount cannot be reused for making purchases.

•    If you would like to make purchases on any website that accepts PayPal, you can continue to use any credit card issued by a bank in India.

If you do use an Indian credit card to pay via Paypal it would actually mean double payment of commission to Paypal , once at time of receiving the forex and next time at the time of sending it since Paypal earns a lot through forex rates.

Its not Paypal’s fault though, its obvious the Indian Government and RBI had a larger role to play in this fiasco.

Jul 04

So i got a 419 scam email from a live.co.uk address and being a good citizen :P , i decide to report it so that the email account shuts off. On searching through the internet i find that abuse has to be reported to abuse@passport dot com , anyway my email is bounced back.

Reporting-MTA: dns;blu0-omc3-s18.blu0.hotmail.com
Received-From-MTA: dns;BLU126-W37
Arrival-Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 22:14:58 -0700

Final-Recipient: rfc822;abuse@passport.com
Action: failed
Status: 5.5.0
Diagnostic-Code: smtp;554 Transaction Failed (1022769381:189:-2147467259)

Microsoft is just helping these scammers if they abuse reporting tools are rejecting emails.I wonder how many people will be scammed just because Microsoft chose not to act responsibly.

Oct 20

While checking my GMail storage quota, I was surprised to see my limit increased to 3.5GB yesterday. Even stranger was the discovery that today it is 3796 MB at the time of writing this post.

Gmail storage limit (2)

To add more the storage limit of my Google Apps account is even greater at 3864 MB!

Gmail storage limit (1)

Seems like Google is true to its word.

Furthermore, we shall keep giving you more space as we are able to.