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Sep 23


DilSeBol is the first company we review in our series on the Indian Customised  Merchandise market. We found the customer care from DilSeBol to be very kind and warm and they were happy to arrange a review item for us :)

Now for the review :

Firstly, DilSeBol has a very responsive customer service and staff. We got quick replies to all our needs and questions. On the products front they offer everything from T-Shirts, Mugs, Coasters, Tiles  to Caps,Calendars, Key Chains etc. Of course all the products are customisable to your needs.

We ordered a two tone mug from them which is a fairly standard item for most merchandising companies. In-fact we plan to use this product as a benchmark to compare quality and service levels of various online Merchandising companies. We will be judging the companies on a variety of factors.

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Aug 23

Early last month we were on a mission, since most of us were becoming busy with our professional lives, wisetechie.com was lying a little neglected. Apart from the customer care debacles we post, there really wasnt much activity. The reviews were drying up.

So we will brainstorming as to what should be the next product/service we review. So we looked into the past. We saw that one of our most popular posts (apart from the 100 or so comments Iphone ones) were the Snapfish and ZoomIn reviews. So we thought of reviewing the Indian online merchandise industry which quite frankly has always interested me a lot.

Online gifting has come a long way, from the flowers and chocolates from shitty websites like Ferns and Petals (never use them, more about Ferns and Petals and their low level of customer service and satisfaction  in the next post). I remember Cafepress used to be THE site for customised merchandise, and even then Indians couldnt actually order economically from them.

But we have come a  long way since those times. Online print merchandise seems to be the next big thing as far as startups and new businesses go. A lot of companies like Itasveer, DilseBol, Tshirts.in, ZoomIn etc. seem to be redefining the way business if done online. So the next time you have to send a gift to anyone, forget the flowers, and use one of these services. We will be reviewing many of these sites in the coming time. So keep a look out for them.