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February 20, 2015

Of Amazon, third party sellers and manufacturer warranties : ISmooth lightning cable warranty experience

In the May of 2014, I had bought a lightning cable (ignore image, for representation purpose only) from this seller  called AFFLUX on Incase you get bored and don’t read further, don’t buy anything from these guys. They are a third party seller on It was an iSmooth iPhone 5s charging cable (3ft), not very expensive, however the cable was always very buggy […]

February 16, 2015

Apple Pay : Yikes, they want commissions

I love my Fidelity Amex card, its one of the few cards that gives ungazilimited 2% cashback everywhere, all the time and without any annual fee. The cashback is yours as long as you withdraw into a Fidelity finance account. I was reading an article wherein someone wanted to force FIA Amex to use Apply Pay, now why the hell would you want to do […]

April 5, 2010

Apple marketers prove how influenceable US Market is again, Apple fans gobble up 300k Ipads

It must be so satisfying being Steve Jobs, you made a product, make it all jazzy, have a keynote where thousands come to attend just because there is a fruit name attached to it and later on all of these thousands of fans and more actually buy the overpriced electronics device you are peddling like soaps and toothpaste. A recent Techcrunch article pegged the sales […]