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April 1, 2016

Timetec Road Hawk DC-2 Black Box Review : Nice feature rich camera with GPS, G-Sensor & Google Maps

The TimeTec RoadHawk DC-2 camera is a fairly high end camera for the dash-cam enthusiast in you. Whether you love to record long drives or are looking for a camera for insurance purposes, this can be your goto camera depending upon your budget. The camera’s standard price is around $179.99 which when compared to other options in the market is a bit steep, but is […]

October 18, 2015

Amazon India is an embarrassment to the Amazon brand #fakesales

I am a hardcore Amazon fan. I don’t mind paying for prime to get the free shipping and the awesome service I receive. So when Amazon opened up its subsidiary in India, I expected similar stellar service and regard for customer from them in India too. Till now I hadn’t had a chance to test Amazon India’s website. This Saturday was going to change all […]

September 8, 2015

Braun Series 9 9095cc Wet and Dry shaver review : The best wet electric shaver I have ever used

So the folks at Braun were kind enough to send us a unit for review. We have earlier reviewed Schick and Gillette on this site, so Braun electric shaver was the next progression. Disclosure here : I am not a big electric shaver person. I have a cheapo Panasonic electric shaver, cost me around $50 in an amazon deal , which quite frankly is a […]

February 20, 2015

Of Amazon, third party sellers and manufacturer warranties : ISmooth lightning cable warranty experience

In the May of 2014, I had bought a lightning cable (ignore image, for representation purpose only) from this seller  called AFFLUX on Incase you get bored and don’t read further, don’t buy anything from these guys. They are a third party seller on It was an iSmooth iPhone 5s charging cable (3ft), not very expensive, however the cable was always very buggy […]

February 20, 2015

Flipkart escalates on being accused of using Amazon packages on Reddit

Reddit India had this photo posted by an eagle eyed user with a note that even Flipkart uses Amazon’s own services :   Then Reddit India cheekily tweeted this. To this, Flipkart responded in a way you wouldn’t expect : Something tells me we have not seen the end of this yet, more so because Flipkart still has not explained from what they got delivered […]