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Mar 22

A financial company called SoFi started offering a Cash Management account with a 2.25% APR. There didn’t seem to be a catch or many unreasonable fees. So we opened a new SoFi Money account with them and moved some money.

Everything was uneventful until the day they decided to freeze access to my funds. I got an email saying they would need almost half a month to complete their investigation. I assumed a call to customer service should sort things out. But I was so wrong. Not only was the frontline customer service clueless as to why the account was frozen, they had no idea how to restore access to my funds. I called them multiple times in a single day and each time the call ended with a promise that someone from the Security team would get back to me before the day ended.

But nothing happened. I still don’t have access to my deposited funds. I emailed the CEO anthony@sofi.com but to no avail. No one in the company had any answer to when and how I would get access to my money.

I have had experiences with other cash management accounts and so I know how they work. But SoFi showed that they had no system in place for any sort of customer service. Their security team was AWOL. Not only no one from that team ever called me, their customer service team was itself unable to reach them. And this is a team that should be highly available in case of any security issues with funds or transactions!

I should have read the barely two star reviews for SoFi on BBB before opening the account. But it is too late now. I filed complaints with my state’s ATG, FIDC and FINRA (since funds are actually managed by SoFi Securities LLC) in case I don’t get access to my money. Needless to say, I will be closing my account as soon as my get my money back.

Bottom line is, if you don’t want to lose access to your money, don’t open a SoFi Money account.

UPDATE: 3 days later they closed my account without any explanation or intimation. I am still waiting for my funds.

Oct 03

In the US, eBay evokes strong feeling on resentment in a certain portion of the seller community. However, in a bit to further diversify its incompetence into emerging markets like India, eBay launched eBay.in.

The story goes as follows. EBay India has an option for allowing sellers to specify different shipping charges for local and national delivery. Fair enough, local couriers are generally cheaper. But the issue is that their site incorrectly charges shipping for all items even though the shipping is “free” according to eBay. The customer service representatives (I got some Harshad R.) are complete morons – their answer to every question is “Ask the seller”. So I asked, if eBay is displaying free shipping for an item, and is charging shipping in the very last step, isn’t this a problem with their system? Their answer – ask the seller.

The poor seller already communicated to me that this is outside his hands and eBay should be the one fixing this issue and that he is helpless due to their incompetence.

Jul 04

(For all WiseTechie.com email users)

For quite some time our website has been providing free email address to anyone on the internet. However, some people have taken advantage of this to create fake email accounts for spamming and phishing. This has required us to clean-up such accounts.

To tell us that you are still using your account and to prevent its deletion, please contact us at http://wisetechie.com/blog/contact-us/ with your WiseTechie.com email address and the purpose for which you use your account. We would be deleting all inactive and unmonitored accounts from the system AFTER 31ST JULY 2011.


WiseTechie.com Team

May 22

If you want to forward all your emails from your Rediffmail account to any other email account, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Rediffmail account.
  2. The browser location will look like http://f4mail.rediff.com/ajaxprism/container#Inbox. Replace container#Inbox with forwardyourmails?action=forwardmails&email=YOUR_EMAIL_ADDRESS&leavecopy=1
  3. Enter the email ID that you want to forward your Rediffmail email to and you are done!

Oct 20

While checking my GMail storage quota, I was surprised to see my limit increased to 3.5GB yesterday. Even stranger was the discovery that today it is 3796 MB at the time of writing this post.

Gmail storage limit (2)

To add more the storage limit of my Google Apps account is even greater at 3864 MB!

Gmail storage limit (1)

Seems like Google is true to its word.

Furthermore, we shall keep giving you more space as we are able to.

May 15

Microsoft has launched its file hosting service called Windows Live Folders. It offers 250 MB of free storage space on the MSN servers. The maximum file size is fixed at 50 MB. Not only can you host your files for free, you can also limit access to them to your friends and family. All they need is a Windows Live Account for accessing the files.

The display is uncluttered and minimalist. You are allowed to organize your files into folders. Each folder can have a certain share level which is indicated by the (huge) icon next to the folder name.

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