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Nov 08

SFH expanding to stronger, faster and healthier is an American company that touts a guarantee on every product on their website. Supposedly established in 2010 and with its office in ME, it has made a few inroads into the extremely competitive supplements market.

Every product is backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee of high quality products.

If, for any reason, you are ever disappointed in any item, we will gladly replace it or refund your product purchase price. Simply return your product within 30 days. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 1-877-682-9067 or email us at info@SFH.com

I used to be a fan of their recovery protein and their more muscle formula before they Beefed it up (quite literally). I also tried their fish oil which is extremely pricey but hey, for health one can splurge a little plus I always thought they were an ethical company. I used to love their peppermint fish oil flavor and decided to give their orange flavor a try. Big mistake, the orange flavor tasted like I was drinking crude oil or something. Totally yuck! In the meantime, my gym had replaced SFH with Ascent proteins as they had to stop recommending SFH.

I wrote to the company asking them to honor their 30 day guarantee on the product(orange fish oil) and the crudeness of the responses totally shocked me. They claimed they didn’t know who I was and they wouldn’t replace my products. If the place I bought it from didn’t honor the warranty, I was SOL. This is strange as the warranty is offered by the manufacturer and not the dealer. I have dealt with other warranties and never has a company been able to weasel away citing this kind of crap. I had even offered to pay one way shipping.

Anyway, I told them to invest in customer service and they never responded back. I have made a complaint via WA state attorney general and in general shared the feedback with Amazon from where I have bought products from SFH. This article is also a means to share with people what I went through and for them to know that the much touted guarantee may not be as rock solid as they thought it was.

Final comments : Avoid SFH  supplements, they are overpriced and the premium is not helping you get better service or quality of products.

Update : they responded to the WA State ATG notice with more lies:

Wisetechie’s return request was rejected for failing to provide proof of purchase. Our company policy is a 100% guarantee when the item is returned within 30 days from the order date when purchased directly from SFH.com. The product in question from Wisetechie was not purchased through our website but instead a third party retailer to whom the return should be directed.

Although an explanation of this policy was given at the point of inquiry, Wisetechie was unwilling to provide the place of purchase. Despite detailing instructions for a return, Wisetechie resorted to accusations, threats of a lawsuit, and social media defamation.

  1. They never asked me for the place of purchase, they told me to take it back there disregarding the fact that they are no longer selling SFH or willing to take it back.
  2. The guarantee on their website doesn’t mention its only for SFH.com

I never threatened a lawsuit, it was the opposite where i told them a lawsuit is not worth my time, this is what i had written.

Wow, what a bad way to write an email to a customer and provide poor customer service. You just lost a customer. Also going to share this on social media. For all the premium charged on your products, maybe you should invest in hiring better people to manage customer service.

Also, you claim on your site this warranty, this is illegal for you to deny exchange. I will be complaining to my state’s AG and also other consumer agencies so you end up on their lists and hopefully get penalized for unfair business practices. I would have sued if the amount involved was more.
Someone should tell the idiots at SFH who obviously dont care about their reputation, lying to the Attorney General’s office is usually not a good strategy.