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Mar 30


A few loyal readers would remember I had gone on a crusade (sort of) against Uber and their excess toll charges on going to the airport in Hyderabad. After a bunch of to and fro and escalations and the fact that the article was trending on Ycombinator, Uber has finally come back with a sensible response which satisfies me. Uber has finally admitted that overlapping tolls were incorrectly collected by the app and they have temporarily modified their software to only collect the 1 toll which is legitimate till they can get a more permanent solution. They have admitted what I had been telling them from Day 0 that the tolls were overlapping and it was a bug in their software.

Its hard to make a multi-billion dollar company accept fault and make changes, but consumers when they unite can pretty much achieve anything. Thanks to everyone who supported me either by sharing the article or by up-voting it on various platforms. Here is the final response from Uber on the matter :

Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 2:52:28 PM · uberGO


Thanks for writing back, glad to clarify your concerns better. Sorry about any confusion thus far. We’ve dug deeper into why this happened and figured that there was a technicality due to which a few tolls have overlapped and hence the repetitive toll charges. You should have been charged only INR 30 in this case.

Until we fix this issue, we’ve temporarily disabled all the tolls apart from airport parking fee and those to and from ORR to Shamshabad. That said, any and every toll charges that are liable to be paid to the competent authority will go there and we simply provide a platform for you to pay for them in a seamless fashion. We do not hold these charges as they are needed to be passed on to the authorities.

Having said that, we’ve dropped the toll charges completely. Also as mentioned earlier, feedback has been given to the support for the miscommunication and we’ve taken necessary steps.

So if you are taking an Uber to the Hyderabad Airport and you are charged the correct toll, don’t forget that it was a consumer who raised his voice and escalated till the voice reached the right people and the issue was fixed. And you’re welcome :)

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