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Apr 02

This is a bizarre video, the Mumbai traffic police should be ashamed of cheating innocent people like this and this racket should be busted immediately.

2 Responses to “Mumbai Traffic Police caught cheating innocent riders”

  1. sandygaitonde Says:

    CP Bharambe should not waste tax payers money

    Continuing with my story further it is harsh words but I must say after my experience with CP Bharambe I realized that IPS officer should not be coming and working in Metro town specially if they don’t belong to that town and if they are doing traffic as neither they know city nor they know local chemistry. CP Bharambe treated me with attitude and arrogance forgetting he is government servant and he is answerable to tax payers besides CP Bharambe do not have any traffic background which I realized after reading his profile it is clear that he is wasting tax payers money. Its been three months since I had meeting with him and Mumbai lost progressive step and we are lagging months behind as we Mumbaikar would have been way ahead in game. While Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is struggling with traffic and trying to work solution for his city by using like even and odd number for cars it is real tragedy for Mumbaikar that they had an experience Mumbaikar who cares and has traffic as well as By Law experience but he is helpless because of inefficient and ignorant CP like Bharambe and it is serious because Mumbai is in dyer state of traffic and it can’t be seen and realized by these outsiders as they don’t care. I feel for Mumbai as I was grown up here and I would like to make my city like heaven that is my dream. Jai Hind.

  2. sandygaitonde Says:

    Mumbai Traffic will never improve as Mumbai is ruled by wrong people in traffic commissioner position with no experience and no concern for city. Basic traffic laws are not obeyed and people break signal all time and Mumbai traffic cops are busy making money on such people and what possibly they can do as they are loaded with burden of traffic with no by law enforcement support. Traffic JCP only sits in office and watch CCTV. Rickshaw drivers at so many places are running share passenger business by taking too much money for fare and sometimes not wearing uniforms and Police know very well about it and nothing gets done.
    If you want to go to Bandra Kurla complex from Bandra station you are charge to death. Andheri same story and Bandra west is worst for auto. Traffic Police knows all but they do not pay attention we all know why.One common man break red light or on phone by mistake or not wearing helmet then he is not spared but Auto person taking 5 people and going in wrong way is spared and that is Mumbai Traffic laws for you. Auto and Taxi go wherever they want to go. Common citizen is harassed but who cares about them.
    But by having negative people ruling top position in traffic its mere rhetoric and very slim chances that Mumbai situation will improve.
    Unless state government takes drastic steps on these issues.
    I am glad due to social media I am expressing my concern and voice up to you. I would like to thank Face Book for giving me this opportunity to speak my mind and fact.
    Sad part is Mumbai is still in same pathetic condition despite of good highway and more bridges due to growing population as well as Government giving blind eye to this beautiful cities traffic issues and these issues have been left up to certain people to handle who are not capable to handle them.
    Satyanand Gaitonde
    Jai Hind.

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