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Sep 19


If you follow social media in India, you would have seen the above images already, a policeman (Pradeep ?) goes and destroys the livelihood of an elderly man. He breaks his typewriter leaving the old man in tears and possibly with no way to earn for himself. This story however sad it may sound like, this story had a happy ending. The happy ending is there only because there was a huge uproar and a lot of important people saw the photos and made noise. Eventually the UP govt. had to save face and gift the old man a typewriter.

typewriter being giftedtypewriter being gifted2

Now step back and think about how many such incidents go unnoticed every time ? Was this even this cop’s first illegal act ? There is only 1 solution to this problem and its accountability.

The police needs to be accountable to the public, to the govt. and to the laws. Without anything to confirm this accountability we will always keep having such incidents. There need to be CCTV cameras in each police station. Every policeman must wear body cameras which must record all the time. If the recording is found to be tampered or deleted, it should be grounds for immediate suspension. All police vehicles must also have dashboard cameras.


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