September 12, 2015

Yellow Journalism by Fox News : Safeway v/s Whole Foods prices : the basic logical flaw

By WiseTechie

while foods logosafeway logo

Recently on television I saw a sensationalist segment on Fox News regarding the prices at Whole Foods v/s Safeway. Everything was great, there was even a caveat that prices vary by region, however something didn’t seem right. Safeway is absolutely not more expensive in my limited experience here in the Pacific Northwest.


To be honest, my headline is also a bit sensationalistic, Fox News was showing the results of a study and it wasn’t original research by them.


The pricing shown would have been genuine, however it looks like they forgot one crucial detail. Safeway has this awesome app and has this thing called club card. If you have used Safeway’s app, you would know they routinely have decent discounts on everything from milk to fruits and vegetables to even giftcards and sometimes bonus points. Infact at this very moment my Safeway app has a spend $30 and get $5 off coupon in it. Wholefoods almost never has sales on basic staples and never have I seen a proper off sale on Whole foods. So its important to view any news article with the right perspective.


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