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Sep 09

Dear Quest Nutrition,


A few months ago, I got introduced to Quest bars. After Googling and Binging the hell out of how healthy Quest Bars are and are Quest bars really healthy, do they have high quality protein and do they taste good, I was convinced and bought my first case of Quest bars. I have not looked back since. I love the chocolate cookie dough, chocolate mint and double chocolate bars. The 20-21g of protein is great and I loved the taste of most bars. However today thanks to Facebook and ironically Quest’s own facebook account I was informed of a formula change and that the company was defending the switch to corn fiber. I have a stash of around 100 bars however I will not purchase more if the switch to corn fiber continues.


I personally don’t care about the research you have linked to, ever since I came to the US, I am bombarded with cheap corn junk, HFCS and cornstarch being the primary crap in most food. I cannot fathom why you would try to fix something which is not broken. Please don’t switch to the crap corn and let us keep our Quest bars.




An Avid Quest Bar consumer

One Response to “Dear Quest Nutrition–Please don’t kill the Quest bar with cheap corn”

  1. becca Says:

    used to eat 5 a day now wont be buying anymore they are gross

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