September 8, 2015

Braun Series 9 9095cc Wet and Dry shaver review : The best wet electric shaver I have ever used

By WiseTechie

So the folks at Braun were kind enough to send us a unit for review. We have earlier reviewed Schick and Gillette on this site, so Braun electric shaver was the next progression. Disclosure here : I am not a big electric shaver person. I have a cheapo Panasonic electric shaver, cost me around $50 in an amazon deal , which quite frankly is a piece of junk. The lazy bones I am, I let my beard grow and grow and then curse the pinch of electric shavers when they have to tackle my super long beards and also I hate the cleaning up after the shavers. Its been gathering dust for quite some time.

When the Braun Shaver arrived at home, I was a bit blown away. It’s a very fancy device. It comes with a charging base and the shaver itself is very heavy and has a premium feel. There is also a cleaning brush and the base comes with an alcohol based solution to clean the razor.  I don’t know the exact retail price of this unit, but can guess its in the $200s. From the package you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Now I can bore you with the details which mean nothing to you, or we can actually get into the performance of the device instead.

So here was my challenge, a 3 day old beard.



I had to first use the trimmer to shorten the beard a bit and then use the razor to get a complete smooth shave. Some areas I did need to go over a few times for a closer shave, that’s a folly of most electric shavers. However overall the shave was so much closer and more comfortable than what I am used to. I tried it both with foam and without foam, personally it works a lot better with foam and on a wet face. Over the dry face it just kept going over my face without cutting any hair and was quite annoying. I would use it in the shower more than outside it.

After :


Verdict : If you are in the market for a premium electric shaver, this is one of the foremost options that should come to your mind. The shave was smooth and the razor was very easy to clean using the base cleaner. Its as easy as putting the razor inside the base and pressing a button.

Pros :

Comfortable shave and close shave. The blades and the technology seem pretty advanced.

Comes with self cleaning base.

Premium feel and showoff worthy gadget.

Cons :

Bulky to carry around.

Not as effective on a dry face.

Must purchase cleaning solution after the cartridge is done.