August 30, 2015

Amazon Prime Now Review : And here’s a tip Amazon

By WiseTechie

Ok so I got tempted to try out the new Amazon Prime now app, they were giving a 20 off 50 discount in Seattle and I was running out of some groceries so a 40% discount sounded good.

I downloaded the app and quickly realised that prime membership is needed to ake advantage of the app. No problems, switching to my prime account I chose $50 worth of groceries. Never mind that most groceries on Amazon are overpriced and you are better off paying for gas and going to Safeway and Fred Meyer to get them. It was I think around 9-10pm at night and as I checked out I noticed something strange. Amazon wanted me to tip $5 to the delivery person. By that logic I should be tipping the postman, the UPS man and the Fedex guy. What it means is that Amazon’s delivery persons make money off tips in WA state atleast. Amazon, I am not going to pay for your undercutting your employees.

I changed the tip to zero dollars (sorry, I know, but quite frankly I will not tip someone to deliver from an online store, the tipping in this country is anyway out of hand). For a 2 hour delivery Amazon wanted 7.88 dollars I think and delivery next morning was free. Amazon gave me a 2 hour delivery window and since it had perishables someone had to be there to take the delivery. The stuff was packaged in brown bags and the one with eggs was marked as fragile. Overall most groceries on amazon are more expensive than offline and the ridiculous shipping and tipping charges make this service a no-go for me, I live within a mile or 2 from QFC, Target, Safeway and Fred Meyer, I don’t need to pay extra for fast delivery and even more for tipping. I only envisage using this in an emergency.

Below you can see the unboxing of my Amazon Prime Now order, just don’t judge me Smile with tongue out . Apologies for the vertical video.

Disclaimer: The author owns stock of amazon and works in a company which is a direct competitor of Amazon in the enterprise cloud space in IT (not in Retail).