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Aug 28

So I finally entered the digital age or so it seems. I had been eyeing the Roomba for a while now, but the exhorbitant prices ensured I never got around to getting one. Then one day as I was browsing on slickdeals I saw my calling, a Neato for less than 200 bucks. It was a deal I just could not say no to. I researched a bit and bit the bullet and ordered the Neato. And I can say life has been a lot easier since then. No more vacuuming every weekend, no more spending the prime years of your life doing the boring things in life instead of enjoying life.

This Neato device is essentially an autonomous programmable robot. It has a brush underneath and 2 large plastic wheels with great ground clearance. You can progrem the robot to clean at certain times everyday, you can also start ad-hoc cleaning or ask the robot to spot clean which means it would clean a small area. The scheduled cleans and ad hoc cleaning works great. The spot clean is a hit and a miss and might be one of the occasions where getting the old standup vacuum cleaner may make more sense. I also use the standup vacuum cleaner to clean Neato’s air filters and the nooks and crannies on the robot.

When you first turn on Neato, it moves slightly ahead and surveys the room. I believe its actually deciding which side to start on and then it moves, first it covers the corners and then it moves onto the inner room. Much less erratic than Roomba videos you may have seen on the Internet. My Neato lacks a corner brush and that’s its biggest flaw, although it tries to get the edges and corners hugging the wall, its not enough. Quite often dust and debris near the corners is not picked up by the Neato. You do need another vacuum or atleast a broom for the corners.

Also cleaning Neato is also a bit hard, the design has a flaw wherein gears on the brush get a lot of hair and debris and are hard to clean. the brush itself is hard to clean and so is the filter and the dustbox.

The Neato has a decent battery, a lot of the stock at retailers is old so you may need new batteries for your Neato as soon as you purchase it. For me it would barely cover half of my house so I contacted the company for batteries which they sent. In the video below I show you how to replace those batteries.

Now for the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good:

  • Good cleaning power
  • Good coverage of the house and obstacle detection and avoidance
  • Easy to use

The Bad:

  • Lacklustre battery life
  • Poor corner cleaning

The Ugly:

Nothing really, overall it’s a pretty decent machine

We would give it 4.5 stars out of 5.

2 Responses to “Neato XV Essentials Review : A robot maid for your home”

  1. Vivek Says:

    is this better than a Roomba ?

  2. WiseTechie Says:

    @Vivek – in my opinion this is better than a roomba, more economical and has a better room coverage and cleaning algorithm.

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