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Mar 10

I was curiously browsing the dailies for my latest dose of Indian news when I came across an article almost self written for the tabloids. A female white German professor denied an Indian male student an internship. Well what’s new in that, you may ask ? IITians spam every professor in the world to get a 2 month paid vacation every summer you say. Well this time the reason for denial was a classic one.

The professor Annette G. Beck-Sickinger who teaches biochemistry at Germany’s Leipzig University apparently felt scared for her female students, she was afraid of the ‘rape culture’ that’s apparently present in India and wanted to show consequences for the rapes we keep doing. She goes on to suggest that other female professors in Europe are also taking similar decisions. I know what you are thinking, but we will leave the discussion of how someone so dimwitted became a professor for another day. Lets learn about the facts of the case.

So the letter first appeared on Quora. Reading through the letters you cant help but feel angry at the professor. You can see that she probably feels all smug and superior about bashing an Indian student and Indian culture all the while forgetting about how Germany also has its own evils to deal with. I am amused at how she narrates it almost like a Hollywood movie (tourists are kidnapped and raped etc.) and also coins a new term ‘multi-rape’ crimes. The German embassy was quick to write a letter to the professor which TL;DR conveyed shut up.

The university too apologized, although the language they used left a lot to be desired. Their language seemed to suggest the professor was misquoted and her quotes were extracted and used without context. However as you see the author had pasted full letters so there is no indication of that.

Personally I hope the professor is disciplined hard, this is nothing but modern day superiority complex and racism and we cannot have it in our teachers and professors. Its only because of the Internet that we even came to know about this, otherwise this racist professor would have gotten away with it.

Letter 1 from professor :

Professor email 1

Letter 2 from professor:

Professor email 2

German Embassy’s letter to professor :

German embassy letter to professor

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  1. Jack Says:

    What a moron !

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