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Mar 01

After our last post on options for NRIs to transfer money to India, we got a great response from people. So we are exploring more options for NRIs and other folks to send back money to India and/or their home countries. Step in Remitly.


I recently needed to send some money instantly to India, this means I needed to send it via IMPS and Remitly had a nice promotion running wherein they would give me $30 in Amazon Gift Card for sending across $500 to India or Philippines. Their locked in rate is also better than Xoom even for the express rate.

So I signed up via their app and quickly was able to send across money to India. It was instantly deposited to my bank account there and I got confirmation of the same from my bank as well as Remitly.

Do note however that express transfers have a worse exchange rate than the 3 day transfers. So unless you do need the money fairly quickly, I would recommend you choose the 3 day transfers and save on the fee.

So give Remitly a spin and let us know in comments how your experience was.

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