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Feb 25

tata sky logo

We have reviewed Tata Sky and its services many times before on this website and usually have good things to say about them. This time however, I am not very happy.

So Tata Sky had this everywhere TV application which I decided to install on my laptop. Since I was out of the country it would not let me watch anything and I promptly forgot about it. I would log onto my parent’s account every once in a while and would see the package as 0 rupees per day. So I let it remain there.

Fast forward to February, I am in India for vacation, I log into Everywhere TV and the quality is so pathetic and I don’t even watch it for 5 seconds.

Fast forward to 3-4 days ago, I just check my parent’s statement purely by chance and see a deduction of balance from Tata Sky for 61 rupees :

Everywhere TV deduction

I fire up the Tata Sky customer service chat interface hoping for speedy justice from a company that supposedly charges a premium for great customer service. I was in for a shock.

The customer care agent instead of empathizing with me and issuing a refund straight away (I know, Amazon has spoilt me), started arguing with me, as if the balance if refunded to me would be taken out of his pay. The chat applet is hard to copy from, so I cant paste it here. But it was like he kept telling me it was my fault, even though I sent him screenshots of the package page:

 everywhere tv 0

He insisted I should have known about the deduction and the plan name itself would have free for 1 month. This was true for the online statement, however as you can see the package page does not tell this and only tells me that the cost is 0 rupees per month. I did complain as soon as I saw the online statement page. I find this odd instead of trying to help the customer the customer service in India is trained to argue, fight and harass the customer.

He totally refused to help me, I asked for his supervisor at which point he reluctantly agreed to file a ticket.

2 more days and nothing and today I received a call from one of Tata Sky’s employees. The employee listened to my ordeal and explanation (he had no idea about my dispute or access to the screenshot already shared). After listening to me, he empathically declared the charge wont be reversed (charge toh aapka rahega). He told me it was my fault and I should notice these things when I am refilling my pack. I refill when I see the balance less and don’t look at the statement, maybe stealing by Tata Sky is such a common occurrence that I should routinely lookout for it.

I told him, no way am I agreeing to that resolution. Some to and fro later, he still didn’t budge but agreed to reconsider if I would share the screenshot with him. The email Id he gave me helpdesk at Tata Sky.com doesn’t even work so I sent the message across to the generic email for customer service.

I still felt like I needed to share this ordeal with people, Tata Sky is super expensive, and for the premium I expect premium service without the kind of crap pulled on me for 61 rupees + this month’s rent.

If anyone knows someone who can take decisions at Tata Sky , please forward it to them. I am sick and tired of being told that yes Tata Sky deducted the money but its my fault for not noticing.

Update 1 :

Tata Sky has not replied to any of my emails, to my messages on social media I got the standard we will get in touch with you. What is more disheartening is that they even removed a SR which I had filed online, that’s right, its not closed, its removed. So their CRM system apparently allows for manipulation of tickets etc. Hmm, fraudy !

The net loss to be would be around a hundred rupees, not enough for me to goto consumer court over, but definitely hoping to cause more than a hundred rupees loss to them for cheating us off money by dissuading people from getting Tata Sky.

Update 2:

Looks like someone senior from Tata Sky finally had a look at the issue and returned the money deducted improperly. Thanks to everyone who supported this post on Twitter, Reddit and Facebook.

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