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Feb 20

I am on vacation in India and have nothing better to do than to browse facebook all day long while mom dear pampers me. While browsing Facebook I am seeing a disturbing/new trend, most of the videos are pure shock and awe. For example a girl denouncing rape throws out a few expletives to everyone and that spreads like wildfire. Another girl sends a ‘rap’ to Honey Singh in another shock and awe style video. Then celebs join the bandwagon with Twinkle Khanna of all people coming tot he defense of AIB roast with random crap which didnt deserve any attention.

However the social media of India which I believe runs with money to promoted videos and nothing else still made that viral. All this saddens me as many people take these videos at face value without understanding the buzzfeed kind of sites promoting these videos for profit and the so called social message is not genuine in these.

Anway before I go into depression, I am going to be sharing my views about some of the recent videos I have seen on social media, ofcourse I am not that big that I will go viral, but I still want to pen down these thoughts about one of these actors :

Varun Pruthi – I have mixed feelings about this guy, on one hand he has in the past blatantly copied videos from other US youtube stars (10 minutes of walking in Delhi streets, domestic violence etc.) (Which I should warn him if he ever moves to the US, he would be sued for everything he is worth) , but on the other hand atleast on camera he seems to be a really compassionate person.

One of his videos about emergency vehicles in India was a really nice one but in some of his other videos while he blatantly showcases the poverty of certain people he always helps them out with money.

So I feel happy that atleast he is using his fame to really help people in the case of the ambulance video.

But he should do it in a better way for poverty  instead of exploiting a small kid. And you have 20 somethings going awww and aaah over his antics. If you see the video below Vrun Pruthi starts by bringing the kid into the McDonalds and then proceeds to buy him food. The kid may feel its a selfless act but its not because his stooge has a hidden camera and is recording his every move.

So he tells him things like buy anything you want, eat everything etc. which seems so stupid for the poor kid. And then he proceeds to buy all his pens. Had he done it anonymously it would have been a much better thing to do rather than making poverty porn.

In other news, the girl shouting expletives apparently against the fictitious rapist (at a standup comedy event?) doesn’t deserve your views.

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