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Feb 17

I just learnt today that TopCashBack has an Indian subsidiary. To people who may not know, TopCashBack is a site which gives you cashback for your regular shopping when you click via the website while going to the merchant.

So for example if you want to buy a pizza from Dominos and get extra cashback, do the following :

  1. Goto TopCashBack, signup or login if already signed up..
  2. Search for dominos and click on the link TopCashBack gives you
  3. Then use that window to purchase the pizza. If all goes well a few weeks later you have extra cashback in your account post the clicks.

And to my surprise out of all the stores I shopped in the past week it had cashback deals on each of them. And I am not kidding, here is the proof :

1. LensKart.com – Bought some lens solution for my brother here. Post purchase realised that I could have got Rs.120 cashback  had I clicked through via TopCashBack ( for a purchase between 500-999 rupees. Other offers on LensKart :

  • Online Purchase of orders over Rs.1000 ₹ 320.00
  • Online Purchase of orders below Rs.500 ₹ 56.00
  • Online Purchase of orders between Rs.500 and Rs.999 ₹ 120.00

2. Dominos India – So I had a pizza craving, later I realised I could have made Rs. 24 on the Dominos India order had I ordered via that.

3. Paytm – If you are recharging your phone, get Rs.8 back on a minimum recharge of Rs.20

Apart from this there are offers of cashback on FlipKart, Amazon India, SnapDeal, Myntra etc. also . So if you like to save moneyvia cashbacks , signup through one of the links above.

These are affiliate links, but I get something only if you save Rs.500 over some time which I guarantee you will if you use it for all your online shopping.

2 Responses to “Get cashback on everything in India through TopCashBack India”

  1. Mads Says:

    Thanks for sharing this, registered for the same, cannot believe I was missing so much cashback. I always keep ordering from Dominos and Lenskart.com , never knew you could get cashback on each order in India.

    Do you know any other Indian cashback sites also ?

  2. Lokesh Says:

    Signed up for topcashback, thanks. I shop on Dominos India all the time, never knew I could get cashback on it.

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