February 16, 2015

OralB 7000 Professional Review : Expensive Toy, not worth the money

By WiseTechie


I was a regular Sonicare Essence user, then came an awesome deal on the OralB 7000 Professional and I thought I would upgrade my brush to the top of the line toothbrush. Since I have started using electric toothbrushes, my teeth have improved so much that both my hygienist and my dentist have been asking what I did.

Anyway, so Amazon has this amazing deal on the OralB 7000 and I quickly purchase the same from Amazon and within 2 days the super bulky and heavy package is there. When you unbox and open it, you see the premium-ness of the whole thing. The brush is heavy and has a premium rubberized grip. It even comes with a LCD screen (SmartGuide) which displays the time and brushing progress while you are brushing your teeth. As a gimmick it displays a rating out of 5 stars (its much more arbitrary than the ratings we give here 🙂 ).

Unfortunately I couldn’t find more good stuff about the brush apart from the premium-ness and the bells and whistles, mostly bad stuff, here is a list of cons I observed :

1. The spin motion of the brush is very harsh, I can feel the enamel being worn away, 30 days of continuous brushing and my teeth are now super sensitive. I prefer the sonic motion of the Sonicare vs. the spin motion. I know its cleaning, but it feels like its eroding my teeth while its cleaning.

2. For a MSRP $200 brush, the battery is plain junk. It lasts only 3-4 days and takes 24 hours to charge. There is no excuse for it, my 90s cell phone had a better battery. The thing is also very heavy presumably because of the battery.

3. No 220V charger, for the demographic they should be aiming at, travel is a fact of life, unfortunately for Braun/OralB the whole world doesn’t run on 110V so if you are travelling , there is a good chance you need a spare toothbrush.

4. The handle is far from ergonomic, by mistake I keep pressing the mode buttons,

5. The brushing indicator is a sham, you finish at 2 minutes even with harsh pressure and it will give you 4 stars, spend an extra minute with say the floss/tongue cleaner mode and it will always give you five stars.

So guess what I did with my brush ? I took advantage of the generous Amazon return policy and sent the brush back. I then bought a Sonicare Diamondclean, Will share a review of that soon.