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Dec 21


In the holiday season, there are few things as enjoyable as sitting in front of a fireplace, and sipping on hot cocoa. However before you head down to the supermarket and get your favorite brand of cocoa, be sure to check the ingredients of that. Most of them didn’t even have basic cocoa and were full of crappy artificial flavors.

Almost all the store brands including Nestle and many others invariably had High Fructose Corn Syrup in them. It took me a while to find one which didn’t have it, I think Starbucks was the only other exception which didn’t have the HFCS in it. I finally settled for Ghirardelli’s double chocolate hot cocoa mix, since the only thing better than chocolate is double chocolate Smile. Ghirardelli is made by Lindt and if you have had their chocolates you would know that they are awesome.

I just made the thing and I can completely vouch for its tastiness !

So have a happy holidays, kick back and relax and ensure you drink and eat healthy and stay off the artificial stuff.

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