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Oct 03

In the US, eBay evokes strong feeling on resentment in a certain portion of the seller community. However, in a bit to further diversify its incompetence into emerging markets like India, eBay launched eBay.in.

The story goes as follows. EBay India has an option for allowing sellers to specify different shipping charges for local and national delivery. Fair enough, local couriers are generally cheaper. But the issue is that their site incorrectly charges shipping for all items even though the shipping is “free” according to eBay. The customer service representatives (I got some Harshad R.) are complete morons – their answer to every question is “Ask the seller”. So I asked, if eBay is displaying free shipping for an item, and is charging shipping in the very last step, isn’t this a problem with their system? Their answer – ask the seller.

The poor seller already communicated to me that this is outside his hands and eBay should be the one fixing this issue and that he is helpless due to their incompetence.

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