Standard Chartered Credit Cards : Good Products but customer service that sucks big time


I have been a Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum card customer for over an year now, the limit which the bank gave me was Rs.x, x is approximately 1/4 of my monthly in-hand salary. Since I got the card I have been surprised about how they arrived at the limit.

I had 2 other credit cards, one of which I have since surrendered. The limits on those were 2.5x and 10x respectively. Of course I know it’s the bank’s prerogative on assigning me a limit, but sometimes its just so ridiculous that you email the bank and ask for a review. Well the 1st time I emailed them, I was asked to email after six months. And when I emailed them after that , they gave me the same lecture about bank using some process blah blah !

Wow, SC really does something different in calculating the limits. The sadder part is that despite all my efforts, I seem to bump into customer service folks who seem to be inherently stupid, don’t make sense and will write anything to close a ticket. It’s the same copy paste lines, this time I got a reply in record 10 minutes from their second level customer care, this shows no research while responding to customer requests, just respond back with the template you have and close the ticket.

Please note I have impeccable credit history with ZERO defaults ever. Someplace somewhere, Standard Chartered bank’s marketing guys are coming up with awesome products while the customer care department is cutting costs and ensuring that customers don’t stick with the bank.

Why do I still stick with them ?

Well they do have a good product, however the lack of service will I am sure one day force me to severe all ties with them and never return to them ever again.

Can you tell us why their customer service sucks ?


1. I ask them to increase my credit limit via their SR system, no response for days. Then when I email them, I get a mail its not approved. Push them a little more and they say its been raised. Then when I send over my income documents, I don’t hear back for some time, another person now tells me the increase was never approved.

2. I redeemed some rewards which includes bonus Vodafone talk time (don’t take it, it’s a pain to redeem), the vendor doesn’t recharge my phone, I complain to Standard Chartered bank and lo and behold, they ask me to call Vodafone up which is a 4th party to all of this drama. I mean, I cannot even swallow the stupidity of the response.

Ref : xxxx

Dear Mr. Sud,

This is with reference to your e-mail dated July 21, 2012.

As informed earlier, we request you to contact M/s Vodafone directly for further assistance.

We regret any inconvenience caused to you in this regard.

Assuring you of our best services always

Yours sincerely,

Sriram Ps

Officer – Customer Care

And there are more instances, every time I am forced to write to their customer care, I feel like banging my head against the wall.

Advice to Standard Chartered folks : Pull your socks up, there is only so much bullshit a customer would take before leaving your bank.

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