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Apr 28

Just got a job at a MNC in Hyderabad ? Transported or shifted your out of station car to Hyderabad ? Heard horror stories of being stopped by RTO staff and getting your papers and worse, vehicle seized ? Need to pay road tax or get your number transferred.

Well, same was the case with me. If you are planning to use your out of state vehicle for more than a month in AP, then its necessary to pay road tax. The procedure to pay road tax is pretty simple, don’t be put off by horror stories.

I stay in the Gachibowli-hitech city area. Now I have been to three RTA offices, RTA Attapur, RTA, Kondapur and RTA, Khairatabad also. I found the Khairatabad office to be the most hopeless and useless. There is such a huge crowd there and the officials were very busy that they barely have time to answer any questions/queries.

So here is what I did step by step, if you have a NoC and need to get your number transferred then there would be an extra step after paying Road Tax. Before getting the NoC, do find out the RTA name. A NoC in Hyderabad RTA name doesn’t work in Rangareddy District except by going to Khairatabd RTA , a step which you don’t want to take.

1. Head over to Kondapur RTO in your vehicle, as soon as you enter, look around for someone in khaki uniform and tell him you need to pay road tax.

2. He will take you to a room which has space for 2 officers, the officers in my case were very polite. They created a check report for my vehicle and impounded my DL.

3. This check report is what you need alongwith your vehicle RC copy and invoice, head on over to the Attapur RTO

4. Ask the relevant form for road tax payment from one of the shops below, the RTA does not have any form in stock (maybe it’s a way to scam).

5. Fill up most details in the form, rest details would be filled in my the clerk who would calculate the tax needed to be paid. Ensure the vehicle value he takes is correct and does not include road tax already paid in home state.

6. Get the road tax value cross verified from the administrative officers who will double check using the original invoice.

7. Once 7 is done, you would need to get a draft made for the road tax amount and there is another small fee (230 I think) which you can also pay by cash.

8. Once you get your draft goto the same counter, the person there would issue you the coveted green receipt, take a few copies ,keep the original safe and drive around with a copy for the RTA folks on the road.

Since I paid the road tax, I have been stopped twice Smile , the penalty is much more if you bring your car in and pay road tax much later.

70 Responses to “How to voluntarily pay Road Tax in Hyderabad for out of state vehicles”

  1. SRIKANTH Says:

    I am moving from Mumbai to Hyderabad with MH registration of WagonR car (4.o lk). However I do not wish to pay a life time tax as I am not sure how many years I will be in Hyderabad.how much life time tax need to pay .. is there any depression in the tax..
    has surfing on net came to know it will 12 %,, as my car is 7 years old..
    how much will b the roadtax

  2. Sankalp Says:

    Dear All,
    Had a very nice experience with Kondapur RTO and would like to share.
    I have recently paid life time Road tax in Hyderabad for my Jabalpur, MP registered Car.
    Believe me, its very easy and straight forward approach. I directly approached RTO and have NOT spent even a single penny on agent or as a bribe. Moreover it took only 20mins of time to complete the entire procedure.
    Please find below list of documents required.
    1. Must have Invoice copy of your vehicle (without invoice copy, one cannot calculate the tax hence its highly essential document).
    2. RC Copy. (Required)
    3. Insurance copy. (Optional)
    4. Address proof. (Do not have to physically present the copy, but will have to write the address in form).
    Please find below entire process I followed.
    1. Taken the Invoice copy of my Car. (In case you missed your invoice copy, you can get the one from the showroom in Hyderabad but that will contain the current price of the vehicle, which would be slight higher than the cost you paid at the time of purchasing your vehicle and that will impact the tax amount, hence recommendation is to bring the invoice you got when you bought the vehicle.
    2. I visited Kondapur RTO (as this falls under my district, and off course near to my office).
    3. Directly went inside the office which is located exactly behind the driving track. You can easily locate this office as it’s a small 1 room office with 2 doors in the front and its right behind the 4 wheeler driving track.
    4. Met Mr Srinivas, he has asked for invoice and rightly calculated the total tax amount which was 9.5% in my case. Mr Srinivas is very helpful gentleman, he suggested me to bring Demand draft in favor of SRTA, Rangareddy dist for the tax amount along with Rs225-/ as a cash for processing fees, copy of RC and Invoice.
    5. After preparing DD, I again visited Kondapur RTO, same office and met Mr Srinivas.
    6. He verified the entire set of documents, verified that the amount mentioned in DD is the same as expected, and then he prepared a Report.
    7. He asked one of the constable to take Rs225 (processing fee)from me, given him the entire Report and send him to counter number 2 (which was having a very long que at that time).
    8. That constable went directly inside that counter, completed the formality and return back with a pink receipt (slip) shows life time road tax paid.
    9. Hence I did not had to even stand in a que and the entire process took hardly 20mins of time.
    10. Note : you must visit RTA office after 2PM, as there was not much crowd at that time and people will be easily available.

    Happy riding 
    Sankalp Dhimole

  3. Chetan Says:

    Thanks guys for your inputs.

    I recently moved from pune to gurgaon and got my car registered with the help of broker in haryana state. I had all required documents I.e. Noc, hypothucation invoice etc.

    Centanily I have to move to Hyderabad by last Oct and I don’t want to go through all process again.I’ll stay there for more than 2 years , please someone suggest me on following –
    1- Can i just pay LTT ? If so how much would be the ammout ?

    my car is Honda brio DEC 2012.

    2- If I have to register it , which RTO I need to get NOC for? I’ll stay near hitech city.

    3- Do I need to get hypothucation again from bank as emi are still due?

    4- What is the road tax rate and registration expenditures?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Sankalp Says:


    Yes, if you are going to stay in Hydbad for more then a year, you should pay LTT.
    As I mentioned earlier, you do not have to worry about hypothication and all. Just take Invoice copy of your car and visit Kondapur RTO (its near to Hitech city).
    You do not require NOC at all for paying LTT.
    Roughly road tax amount will be 9.5% of your vehicle cost (mentioned on Invoice).


  5. saion Says:

    @rishi….thanks for the informative post.however didnt get why you were asked to go to mehdipatnam when attapur wouod have sufficed.

    @ sankalp: great to hear your story. However when i went to the kondapur rto they asked to go to attapur. Which room does mr.srinivas sit in.?

  6. uday Says:

    The kondapur rto has very good officers.i had the best experience really without paying a single rupee of bribe. All that I paid reflects in my challan I got from the rta. The officer Mr.v.srinivas was very polite and helping to each one who approached him. He is extremely busy but very patient and polite. You just need your original rc, original invoice of vehicles and license. Pls carry photo copies of these three documents. No need of noc if you are only paying road tax which is enough to drive for the rest of your life in telangana. Your tax will be calculated based on the age of vehicle.

  7. kiran raj biswal.. Says:

    I have recently shifted from Odisha to hyderabad i have got a swift car i dont want to change my vehicle registration number i m here for 2-3 yrs can anyone suggest what are the legal procedures n what is needed to be done…

  8. Ashwini Chandak Says:

    Hi, very informative indeed since I have shifted to Hyderabad along with my 15 year old bike.

    My bike is registered with Jaipur (Rajasthan) RTO. The registration date has expired and I am unable to renew it since it seems RTO needs to physically verify the vehicle. Now that I have moved it is not possible to take the vehicle to Jaipur for re-registration. Given this, it would be great if Wisetechie or anyone can help me with the following queries:
    1. Can the registration be renewed in any other RTO without NOC?
    2. Can I pay the road tax at the RTO in Telangana (Uppal in my case) for a vehicle whose registration has expired?
    2. Are there any penalties if the registration date has expired? Any idea of the amount would be helpful.

    Excuse me if I sound desperate and many thanks for your time and understanding.

  9. Rv Says:

    All i see here is the procedures how to do…it is very helpful.. Thanku
    Plz someone tel how much does it cost…
    I hav a motorcycle… Planning to shift to Hyderabad from bangalore… I may stay here for 1 year.. So no change in number.. Let me know what would be the tax amount to be paid… (Assume that i bought my bike for 80k)

    Thanks in advance… Awaiting response asap..

  10. jhangir Says:

    I cant pay my vehicle tax online

  11. Radhin E S Das Says:

    In Hyderabad and Bangalore, the HC has issued a ruling, which says there is no need to pay road tax for other state vehicles.


    Hello, I own a TN registered 4 wheeler, and travel frequently to Hyderabad for business trips, and family occasions. After assessing the RTO rules, I realised that it is not mandatory to pay road tax for non Telangana vehicles when the duration of my trip is less than 3 months. Road tax is advised only for those who intend to stay beyond 12 months at a stretch. NOC of the home state will be required to roam around India for tourist purpose, business meetings etc. Also, if the TS RTO officials were to apply the rules for all non TS vehicles, it is mandatory that rule must be made applicable even for AP registration vehicles of undivided andhra pradesh which are now freely roaming in Telangana without paying any taxes.

  13. Santu Says:

    Hi, i own a MH registered vehicle, now i moved to Hyderabad and i paid Lifetime Tax in Hyderabad RTO, i not changed the registration number from MH to TS due to forget to get NOC. Can i use the car in the city of Hyderabad with the same reg no for while. I need correct answer pls.

  14. Samrat Says:


    I do not want to transfer my two wheeler to TS and want to pay the road tax here. Any idea how to do that ?


  15. Rayarala Says:

    In 2016 i don’t see any comments. The reason being, Now you can get your road tax paid receipt without paying a single rupee bribe. I stay near Gachibowli so I drove to Kondapur RTO office and reached there at around 4:30pm (they close by 5 pm). Inspector asked for Invoice copy, took a calculator and wrote it on the same copy the amounts for which i need to take DD.You need to take two separate DD’s . One for life time road tax and the other one for processing fee (225 Rs in my case). You have to take the DD in favor of “Secretary RTO RR Dist”. The same inspector told be to comeback with DD’s after 3:30 pm with the following documents (DD’s, Invoice copy, RC copy and DL copy). next day i was there exactly by 3:15 pm and came out at 3:40 pm with tax paid receipt in hand. I was expecting that they’ll expect some money. But to my surprise he did not ask anything and said you can leave now, its all done and advised me to laminate one copy and stick it to the windshield and keep the other copy safe.

    So, all you need to do is spare 2 hrs (spread across 2 days) to get your job done.

  16. kranthi Behara Says:

    @Rayarala : Do we need NOC for lifetime tax at hyderabad. I owns a two wheeler with TN Registration and by paying Life Time Tax in hyderabad can I ply my vehicle with the same registration ?

  17. Heral Raj Rayarala Says:

    @KRANTHI BEHARA: I also own a KA registration and i paid lifetime road tax in Hyderabad and am using my 4 wheeler. You can also do the same. NOC is not required.

  18. Heral Raj Rayarala Says:

    @KRANTHI BEHARA: You don’t need a NOC. You can continue using TN registration . I am using a KA registration vehicle

  19. Mat Says:

    Hello, I bought a vehicle model 2008 but tax and insurance is not clear since 2011 and I am not able to find the vehicle details through online. Please let me know on how to check tax and insurance amount for till date.

  20. Raghu Says:

    Hi guys, love the discussion from fellow experts and also some who may have gone through the process and can suggest newbies like me seeking your help. So have a car from Delhi and we are moving to Hyderabad. Want to avoid dramas on the road hence want things done properly.

    We bought a used car and I am the second owner. The original invoice for the car if 58lakhs which is something I didn’t pay when buying second hand as I bought it for the depreciated value, of 23lakhs… its a 2012 E Class AMG for those wanting specifics..

    So from what I understand. I need to seek and get an NOC first from Delhi and then proceed to Hyderabad’s Telangana RTO to pay my life time tax? And does the tax that I paid to the RTO in Delhi get transferred to Telangana and the balance I pay (assuming the taxes are higher in Telangana) from my pocket?

    And does the tax get calculated x% off the Invoice value? Or the depreciated value as am not the original owner but the second owner?

    How much would I actually be paying?



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