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Jan 05


So I recently got a car, and like the deal hunting monster I am I started to look at the best credit card for saving money spent on Petrol, The Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium seemed like an awesome card, but alas they didn’t issue me the card, since I also own the Manhattan credit card from them. That’s another story, Standard Chartered bank has awesome product offerings but a pathetic customer care and customer relations team. Will post on that later. My credit limit is around 1/4 of my take home salary and they refuse to increase it.

So yeah, I came across the Citibank Indian Oil Titanium credit card which promises around 2.5% additional cash back apart from fuel surcharge waiver. I investigated into the card a little bit, my city  (Hyderabad) has a number of Indian Oil petrol pumps. So one lazy Sunday morning I went across from 1 petrol pump to another, all in the hopes of finding an Indian Oil petrol pump that has a Citibank Machine. Alas, checking at 4-5 different petrol pumps in a 6km radius, I could find none ?

So I went to the company Indian Oil petrol pump at Madhapur, surely they must have Citibank machine for swiping the card. But even they didn’t have a Citibank machine, they had 3-4 machines on the table, just no Citibank. Why would a company owned and company operated petrol pump not keep a Citibank machine when they are such big partners ? All seems a bit fishy to me. Is it that its just a trick, get people to take the cards but then limit the places where it can be used for maximum benefit ?

My conclusion is that the Indian Oil Citibank co-branded card is kind of a marketing gimmick unless you live near the minority of petrol pumps that are owned by Indian Oil and use a Citibank machine. Unless that is the case, you are better off dumping this overhyped marketing mumbo jumbo driven credit card.

I discovered a list on their website and as expected, only a few pumps seem to carry the Citibank machine and going that far(for me) would use more petrol than the cash back Citibank would give.

2 Responses to “The Citibank-Indian Oil co-branded credit card– Useless”

  1. John Says:

    This is the case everywhere with Citi Ind Oil(IO) card, even in New Delhi.
    Most of the time they’ll say the swiping mc is not working, not connecting or server down.

    IO even cheats in terms of quantity in their meter.

    I use HDFC Titanium and get surcharge waived off same or next day in the bill. I dont worry about 2.5% additional cash back. Coz that too is a gimmick. By the time it is valid to use those points either the schemes has changed or the product not available.

    Also, BP gives assurance on quantity and you can get it tested.

  2. Subhajit Says:

    Well, now I am feeling better being in Bhubaneswar where out of 9 IOCL outlets, 5 are accepting. So that does the job for me.

    No qualms against CITI, but yes these IOCL morons are playing around with these excuses like machine not working n all.

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