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May 15

Bookmyshow Logo

It can happen only in India and that too in this state. Readers from Andhra Pradesh have been reporting that bookmyshow and other cinema websites have stopped booking online tickets for movie shows. Bookmyshow has this banner up on their website all week :

Due to statutory reasons (Govt. of AP) all online ticketing in Andhra Pradesh is taken off the web till further notice.

There are reports on the blogosphere that all this is a part of Andhra Pradesh government’s monopolizing the online ticketing plans wherein they want to force cinemas to sell only through 1 online ticketing partner. The move at face value only seems grossly unfair and illegal.

This is ofcourse a huge inconvenience to the large IT and ex-pat crowd that is present in Hyderabad. The matter seems to be sub-judice in the high court with a stay granted in Bookmyshow’s favour , however reports suggest that the Andhra Govt. officials are still harassing Bookmyshow and its management team and that’s what prompted them to take the online ticket booking offline.

There doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel with the Govt. seeming obstinate to ensure that only their choice of ticket operator is able to sell online tickets in Andhra Pradesh.

6 Responses to “No more online movie ticketing in Andhra Pradesh”

  1. Sree Says:

    This is absolutely shameless. AP government has nothing better to do other than fighting for ticketing rights that too for movies.
    In a place like Hyderabad that is the only entertainment for the citizens with its lack of parks and outodoor facitlities.


  2. WiseTechie Says:

    Yep, its all a money game and shameless decisions are being taken !

  3. Ravi Says:

    AP Government.. Council of Beggars.. Cant take charge against corrupted,, Though they were charging 55% entertainment tax on movies still they behaving shameless..

  4. Shilpesh Says:

    Read this on another site :

    We run an online movie ticketing site – NoMoreQ. I try to give more clarity on the whole thing.

    1) AP Govt has issued GO 47 in the year of 2006 permitting agencies to sell tickets through Kiosks, Telephone or online or any other such medium. It also mentions that you need to pay Rs.5,000 per each district to get the license.
    2) In Feb 2009 all of sudden AP Govt issued a GO 110 permitting only one agency to sell tickets online and also mandating theatres to sell 50% of tickets online and to provide kiosks to this agency in their theatres.
    3) We went to court contesting the GO 110, that it amounts to monopolizing the entire business. BMS, NoMoreQ.com, EasyMovies (the pioneer in selling tickets inIndia through agents) and Film Chamber of commerce are the parties who went to Court. Court stayed the GO and granted the status quo. Lawyers interpreted that as GO 110 superseded GO 47 both are not applicable till the court delivers its verdict.

    Based on the court stay order, we have resumed the operations.

    Of late, a unscrupulous lawyer started creating the trouble by filing police complaints and cases in courts against online ticketing companies and theatres who open their inventory for online ticketing. As a result a whole set of fresh confusion is created and nobody in the government or police seems to have clarity in this matter and have instructed the theatres not to do online ticket booking.

    In our defense
    Maximum ticket prices in AP single screen theatres are Rs.50. We charge around Rs.9.50 (Rs.6 base price suggested by GO 47 of 2006 + Credit Card charges + Service tax). This convenience charge is only source of revenue and we do not get any other commission from the theatre

    Our users are very happy with the service provided.
    Reason 1: They get tickets at Rs.60 per ticket. Unofficial premiums on first 3 days of release will be more than Rs.100 in AP.
    Reason 2: Assurance of ticket availability and no last minute disappointment.

    We stopped online booking in Hyderabad for last 14 days and our users are literally calling everyday for resumption of the service. We are trying to channelize their voices through a facebook group to impress upon authorities.

    I feel online ticket players in general are doing a good job (provided they do not overcharge the convenience fee) and bringing at least 10-15% more crowds to theatres, as these guys would not take the hassle of standing in queues or buying through touts to watch a movie in theatre.

    Important point to be noted: In most cases less than 10% of the inventory is allotted to online booking by single screen theatres. If somebody is not interested to buy the tickets online he can always go to theatre 30 – 45 minutes in advance, stand in the queue and buy it.

    As the online ticket booking is transparent and convenient it should be encouraged by the governments instead of terming it as illegal activity.

  5. suchitra hashemi Says:

    The current situation may have crippled film enthusiasts who got used to movie tickets being delivered to their inbox. But the matter is nowhere near a resolution, going by what the government has to say. “Yes, no organization in AP can issue movie tickets online as per the latest court direction,” says BP Acharya, Principal Secretary to Government, Home Department. Explaining the situation, he says, “In 2009, when consumers complained that these websites are charging exorbitant service charges, the government had passed an order allowing a single company, Galaxy Entertainers, to sell tickets online at a nominal
    amount of 6 as booking charges. The idea was to regulate the prices. But these websites continued to sell tickets illegally. They need a licence according to the cinematographers act, but they have violated the law by functioning without it. Now until the court stay order is revoked, tickets can’t be bought online in AP, except from authorized dealers,” he adds. Theatre managements meanwhile, are spitting fire with this development. function. There is too much confusion and this matter needs to be resolved soon.”

  6. badarinadh Says:

    sir we were about to start a portal to sell online tickets in our district can you please tell me the procedure to start the business. We need licence to sell the tickets online and who is the person who will issue the licence and whom do i contact.. I met some of the theaters and they were happy to start business with us, but they were asking for licence so please can you help us in the process of licence. All we need is the name of the person or designation of the person whom we need to contact to obtain licence.. my contact no 8977581157 and my mail id kbadarinadh@gmail.com

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