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Apr 17

I was casually doing some idle surfing on the Internet when I remembered a bad incident I had at a Reliance Fresh store, the cashier had deliberately not applied discount for a discounted item and later on much pushing he applied it. Anyway there were 1-2 more instances when I was disappointed by their services so I decided to complain online.

If you follow our blog regularly you would know that we very often bring up the ground realities up to senior management of companies so that they can attend to matters.

This is where the trouble starts :

I couldn’t find any email address for reliance retail nor a feedback form. That is probably THE most shocking thing for a company in the service sector having retail outlets. I couldn’t find a way to contact a senior person in Reliance retail to look at my complaint. As I investigated further I could literally see thousands of complaints people have posted  against Reliance Fresh and other Reliance Retail outlets at generic consumer complaints websites. These vary from overcharging, hoarding, loss of articles kept with security guard to even more serious ones like misbehavior, selling of bad quality (rotten) food items etc.  Even they were victims of the fact that Reliance Retail doesn’t seem to have an easily accessible CRM. A number of people did try and complain via the store root but hit dead ends.

It doesn’t give me particular pleasure to make this post, I am also a shareholder in RIL, albeit only holding a few shares. Just hoping that this post catches the attention of some higher up in Reliance Retail and they come up with a customer relationship solution that’s much better. At this point anything would be better than the no customer care we have.

Do you have a good or bad experience at Reliance Retail (especially Reliance Fresh)  stores to narrate in comments ?

44 Responses to “Reliance Fresh : No customer care email or portal. Seriously Reliance Retail ?”

  1. Komal Says:

    Yes its true, Reliance Fresh and Reliance Retail have atrocious quality and no customer care at all. Go and complain all you want, no one is out there to listen. Is Mr. Mukesh Ambani listening ?

  2. Rakesh Says:

    I also had a similar experience at Reliance Fresh, there is no way to complain at all

  3. Joyjit Says:

    Its shameful but its true that Reliance Fresh is one the Third Graded Retail Service
    of our country. Its behavior is so cheap and degraded that I would never ever suggest anyone to go and shop over there. Even a local vendor who sits at your local market temporarily without a specific space is better than that.Reliance
    claims itself to be one the most famous brand of our country but a local grocery shop has much better service than Reliance. First of all there is no one to listen to your complains the phone number which remains printed in the bill is switched off most of the time. They promise to provide you with home service but they don’t.It clearly shows that how callous Mr. Mukesh Ambani and his company is!!!!

  4. RP Arora Says:

    It is true but surprising that a company of Relience Group does not have a customer care/complaint email id.

    I purchased a Frozen Garden green peas 200 gm packet from Relience
    Fresh Store, Dilshad Colony, Delhi – 110 095 on 25 Jun 2011. It has
    date of packing printed on it as 16-11-2010 and Batch No.L6X and it is
    also endorsed that ‘Best before 12 months from packaging when stored
    at 18 degree. It was in frozen condition and after comming home (took
    about 5 -10 minutes to reach home) I put it in the freezer as per the
    direction printed on the packet. On 02 Jul 2011 when it was
    opened for cooking and transferred it to the bowl it was smelling. It
    was spoiled. It was not worth cooking. It is very shoking that the product of a company can be found spoiled in a sealed packet. Spoiled peas in a sealed pack has shoked me. I have to be more careful in future when I am to purchase any product ready to cook from Relience Fresh. As I did not have a contact of Relience Fresh I sent a mail to the Company whose product I purchase and found soiled in a sealed pack. But it more shocking that the Company whose product is found spoiled in sealed pack is also not responded.
    It is very unfortunate that these BIG companies who are earning from the people are not listening to their customers. What a sales strategy?

  5. jayesh Says:

    once i visited the shop only one person was standing at the cash counter and suddently the customers started demanding for opening the new cash counter then one of the agent rudly no!!!!! only one counter will be opened wat the fuck is this after some time i demanded for the corporate mail id then the agent started screeming at me like shit

    the insident happened in mumbai at dombivli west reliance store

  6. Dr games Says:

    To be frank , I go to RELIANCE FRESH , NEW B.E.L ROAD branch as they offer comp’ rates on food stuff ….[ RELIANCE FRESH , NEW B.E.L ROAD branch]…. here is a sales guy “Mr REDDY” who proclaims to be the SUPERVISOR ;
    1. who behaves Indifferently with people…
    2. YELLED at a kid who accidentally dropped a few chocolate bars on display,
    3. PICKED up a QUARREL with 2 customers in my presence and VANISHED when others joined….

    Ours is an area where Employees of an office stay and slowly, on mutual agreement, they have Declined visiting RELIANCE “FRE[A]K FRESH” started going to MORE [Aditya Birla] Mall….

  7. Amit Says:

    I am going to file a consumer suit on Reliance fresh for fraud. I purchased from reliance fresh on 1st Aug and they took cash from me on the pretext that the card swipe didnt go through. Even on informing the store at Cox Town that the charge has gone through they were unresponsive. Below is he confirmation mail from my bank.

    RE:’Citibank=015-133-645’Thursday, 4 August, 2011 8:05 PMFrom: “India Service” Add sender to ContactsTo: “amit chhaperia” Dear Mr. Chhaperia,

    This is with reference to your email dated August 03, 2011.

    Our records indicate that, the transaction for Rs. 1,713.24 against M/s. RELIANCE FRESH LTD has been approved in your card ending 1875 on August 01, 2011 vide approval # 071516.

    On receipt of the valid debit instruction within the stipulated time period, the amount will be debited to your card account.

    We regret our inability to cancel the authorization of the transaction once the same has been approved without a void charge slip or cancellation voucher or confirmation mail from the merchant establishment.

    However, the authorization block in your card account will get released within the time frame of 21 days. Please note that the charge will get debited to your card account, if we receive a valid charge slip even after the said time frame.

    Hence we request you to contact the Merchant Establishment and provide us with any one of the above mentioned proof for us to cancel the authorization.

    We would like to clarify that, when the card holder raise a dispute (within 30 days from the statement date) on a particular transaction, we provide provisional credit on the disputed transaction and initiate detailed investigation on it and ensure that the customer interest is best protected. The customer will be held liable only in the event of a clear substantiation of the charge with appropriate evidence.

    Alternatively we request you to wait for the transaction to get billed to your card account and revert immediately once the same has been billed for us to do the needful.

    For any further assistance, please feel free to contact our 24*7 CitiPhone banking division at the following numbers:

    Mumbai :2823 2484, Delhi* (Gurgaon):254 2484, Chennai :2852 2484, Bangalore :2227 2484,
    Kolkata :2283 2484

    Please Click here to know all our CitiPhone numbers.

    We assure you of our best attention at all times.


    Vijayalakshmi R
    Manager Customer Care

  8. Brij KUmar Says:

    I am a member of the store and having card No 6049 xxxx 1188 xxxx. I am regular customer of the store at Mohan Garden, Peepal chowk, New delhi-110059. It is noticed that some Items become out of stock and the staff can not say when these items again will be available in strore. In the store mentioned here ” Surf Exel (powder) for Hard Water, Robbin Blue powder is no available. Can we not demand items of our choice ?. We are bound to purchase the items put on display rakes. It is not fare, Please arrange the goods according to customers requirement.

  9. Rupinder Singh Says:

    Mr Ambani ,

    I am Rupinder Singh From District Bathinda ( Punjab )…..I had bought a reliance number first time no. xxx(Prepaid) about 15 days ago……but it was in working position only for a day….when i contact customer care ..they asked for new id ..i gave…but it is useless….i contact Area Manager () for many times …but he didn’t give any satisfaction reply…Plz tell me any solution …what should i do …I m not satisfied with this “ghatia service of Reliance”

  10. Anurag Says:

    Had an “AWFUL” experience in Reliance Fresh store,after buying all the things, I was told that Reliance Fresh does not provide carry bags for the products we buy,we have to bring carry bag from our home. How poor this is,a person going in a store like RELIANCE has to take carry bag from home as they don’t provide.All STORES provide carry bags and even a local BANIYA also provides you a carry bag but RELIANCE does not provide.
    Customer’s like me would never again go to such a store as their are so many other stores which provide good service and a CARRY BAG.

  11. Dr manish sharma Says:

    i give the items to the billing agent and the billing agent skip one item for billing and put them into the basket and when security guard check the bill and then he shouted on me and call me thief and the billing agent make bill of two items but one is not given to me and security guard shouting on me .but the mistake is of billing staff
    they are really shameless, , in obedient 10 pass staff and don,t know how to talk with customer really disappointed

    very poor service of reliane fresh shame on them

  12. ahsish tiwari Says:

    very poor.. no customer complaint number.. the company staff manjunath proudly flashing his id card number 60082545 and asking me to cal lhis manager to complain against him .. at btm layout 2 reliance fresh in bangalore..

    i just asked him a bout which item has a vat of 14% and i was asked to go to the ‘government’ for the same.!! i asked him what is the govt number , im being told ‘ everyone knows’ then when i asked i dont know , he tells me i also dont know!!..

  13. sudarsan Says:

    At bangalore, BEML layout branch have no proper closing time. During weekdays and working days also they are closing the store by 8:40 pm. I have no complaints if its consistent. When I asked the Manager, he was very rude and instead of giving information, he said ” My wish and I don’t allow u in now, F**k off “. I got depressed after this. The way they treat the customers is disturbing. I also face the problem of billing. Regardless the number of customers in queue, there works only one counter for billing.

  14. R.P.Mahto, Sukhdeo Nagar, Ratu Road, Ranchi -843005 Says:

    I have purchased a Fresh Garden Reach Peas 1 kg packet from Reliance Fresh Store,Ratu Road,Ranchi-834005,Jharkand on the 29th Sept.2011.It has date of packaging on it as July 2011 and it also endorsed that Best before 12 months from packaging.The sealed packet was kept in the freeze and it was opened for cooking on 3rd Oct.2011 and transferred to the bowl it was smelling like spoiled.It was not worth cooking. It is shocking that the product of a company can be found spoiled in sealed packet. Spoiled Peas in a sealed packet has shocked me.The next day0n 4th Oct,11, the matter was referred over to the counter of Reliance Fresh Store,Ratu Road Ranchi and showed the condition of the Peas to the in charge who after satisfying told that he was not the right person to deal such affairs the Manger was on leave so better you come tomorrow. The next day when visited the counter the Manager was still found on leave.I told the employee to give me complain register with a view to lodge my complain in writing.I have lodged my detailed complaint giving full particulars of the cash memo no.C1003 #0122 dated 29th Sept.2011 and Reliance Card no.2266111173182528. The reply from them is still awaited.


    i am regular visitor to reliance fresh store. i have noticed that fresh stock in your stores comes around first week of every month along with discounts. i am witness to selling whole set of discounted items to shopkeepers in one go at your store at Urban Estate Phase II jalandhar. few months back reliance fresh came out with scheme of melo butter which was 1 free with purchase of one packet. two persons came to store at picked all the stock. yesterday i.e. 03.11.2011 also there were two products with discounts around 20-25 % i.e. pepsodent 2 in 1 and brook bond tea natural care. all the stock was picked by shopkeepers. discount on these items is either not displayed or shopkeepers are informed in advance. this results in the retail customers are devoid of discounts offered by the company which is further reducing the clientale of the store. Please look into the matter.

  16. Dr C Sudhakar Says:

    yes you are right . i spend nearly half an hour surfing to get an emai id of Reliance fresh. Perhaps they do not want to hear criticisams!
    Recently in nashik my wife and I had bad experiece of going to a reliance fresh store. The manager was in a very angry mood shoutig at his staff. Then after purchasing a fairly large quatity of household stuff and vegetable, we had to negotiate 8 steps. They will not allow us to take the basket and laod our car. The manager atlast deiced to send someone reluctantly. It appears a sthough the Gangapur road branch of reliance fresh havevery disgruntled staff and an unhappy manager!!
    Who will listen to this moan?
    Thaywil ahve to realistically look at the website!!

  17. K Venkataraman Says:

    I have been to Reliance Fresh Ramanathapuram outlet a few times. I found them very unbusiness like in their dealing with customers. As against three cash counters, only one was operational. We needed to wait for some time before someone appears in the cash counter. They don’t have enough change for the balance to be repaid. This outlet is quite contrast to “Pazhamuthir Cholai” outlets where business is done as business.

    I strongly advise the management that they should shake the lethargic and casual attitude of the staff in Reliance Fresh outlets. This outlet functions like a government department! Are the bosses listening?

  18. t.c arora Says:

    on dated 14-nov-2011. I went to Reliance Fresh Urban Estate Phase 2 Jalandhar in the morning hour at about 8:23:13.I had to purchase some vegetables and D-LIFE milk. I asked shri.Ravinder kumar supervisior to give me polythene bag for vegetables but he rudely replied that no polythene bag is available.There was some other customers who are also demanding bag for putting vegetables etc.. I demanded complaint book but he stated to get the complaint from guard on duty i then asked the guard on duty to give me complaint book but the guard refused and asked to get it from the supervisior but the supervisior refused to give the complaint book and both guard and supervisior told that they did not care for the complaint. There are so many irregularities are being done in the Reliance Fresh Urban Estate Phase 2 Jalandhar.Much of the milk packets and vegetables are wasted due to inefficiency on the part of the supervisior.I here by suggest that special efforts may be made to avoid undue wastage of milk packet and vegetable and other things which become time barred. It will be better for the reliance fresh to sell the things on concession rates well before the time barred. The staff of reliance fresh may be strictly warned to the deal with customers politely and not rudely…


    on dated 15.11.11,myself went to your Reliance Fresh Vanasthali puram at 12.30 p.m. and seen Haggis Large Nappy pads given offer.it was written OFFER PRICE-Rs.299,OUR PRICE -Rs.165,SAVE Rs.75.when i take a packect i went to the billing counter for billing the lady who was their at that time told there is no offer for Rs.165,it will be Rs.224.Then i asked why written it like this way ,she answered it is for our advertisement only.when i asked her to meet with the manager ,then one person came & told that he is the manager & there is no offer for Rs.165,it was given for advertisement only.the actual price is Rs.224.he told me very rudly that if you know the calculation then you can get clear answer that Rs.299-OFFER SAVINGPRICE-75+Rs.224.in reply i asked him that why you cheating your customer?he told advertisement is not a cheating.its a one type joke.
    My request is that if possible dont make this type of joke with the customers in near future.& if possible The staff of reliance fresh may be strictly warned to the deal with customers politely and not rudely…

  20. Deepak Rao Says:

    Yesterday 01-12-2011,
    Six months back i bought a CFL Light from Reliance Fresh( Mahavir Enclve, New Delhi) which had a 12 months of Warranty which stopped working, so i took it back to reliance fresh to exchange it, and there it started………i had to wait for 20 Minutes for a person to come and then he watched the CFL light as if he is seeing it for the first time and looks at my face and says. its not their product a Shock to me. and then i asked him to call his senior. he said he is the senior in the store. but i knew he was lying so i forced him again then he made a call on the store land-line Phone to his senior person, he asked me to bring the six month back bill. when i said i don’t have its bill. he denied me and said the CFL is not of his store. i was shocked again. i believe this is how things work in Reliance Fresh. all i can say is Avoid Reliance Products as i make sure i Avoid it. Reliance store are useless and hopeless. they have lost a Customer for sure.
    and yes they don’t have any Complain Number or Customer Care.
    they are Shit Store

    Thank you

  21. Keyur Says:

    i agree with that no contact details or mail id available for compliant. I had also bad experience with Reliance retial

  22. kulbir Says:


  23. Dr K Paramesh Says:

    Yes It is the worst experience in my life to have bought a sofa 2X3 seaters and a single swivel and rock for a total price Rs 1,40,670.00 from Mantri complex in Malleswaram, Bangalore on 27th July 2012.They had infact asked me to sign a form which states reliance not responsible if it is damaged in transit.
    two weeks after delivery the rock and swivel sofa broke and when we reported to reliance fresh, the repairer sent by reliance said it is a manufacturing defect and will replace it. BUT a week later got the reply from mumbai saying it must have been damaged in transit and they are not responsible. this is even though I have a proof that it was working OK and we had taken a video of it as the new sofa had arrived.
    the only mail id is that of the salesman Virupakshaiah but I have hit a brick wall in getting any reply??

  24. S Vayuvegula Says:

    Relaince fresh @ vidyanagar Hyderabad is really disgusting. There is only one cashier at any point of time. I find it really tiring to stand and wait in a long queue when i have only 1 item to buy. The cashiers are indifferent and callous.
    Most of them are chit chatting or dont even care to respond to queries. Why cant this store have atleast 2 cashiers on the register since it is a high volume store?

  25. sejal r shah Says:

    i stay at ahmedabad (gujarat) i visited reliance fresh navrangpura branch near medisearch hospital ,regular client , The branch officer Mr. Kuldeep Dave
    not talked properly with my wife , rude behaviour 2 nd time complain
    no meaning , so, reliance fresh is always close for me……….

  26. Subramanian N Says:

    On 15th June , Himalayan Herbal Complete care Tooth paste 175 gms , purchased at Chennai , Chrompet stores .

    When purchasing the box was pasted good , when open for using the tube got as if used condition becos , the tubes seal is also got pierced . How the stores people are ? They do not have paste for their use . Even the stores administration will not bother to supervise such a elapses . Do they have CCTV ? ARe which is enough to track only customers NOT THEIR WORKERS .


    Dear Sir


    There is feedback forum or customer care care e-mail ID.
    So that such bad activities are continued.

    Today (8.7.13, time 2120Hrs) I purchased some grocery items from Reliance Fresh(UTSA Centre, Rajarhat, Kolkata 700101). The billing person Sh Sukhdev Ghorai attended one customer who was not in queue. Some senior citizens were also standing in the queue and waiting for their turn but the person making bills had no regard for them. When I told him that this is not right, he started giving explanations rudely. His behaviour was arrogant and he was seeing as if he wants to hit me.
    I am purchasing grocery from this store for last one year but have not seen such rude behaviour from employee. I wanted to talk to Store Manager on duty but he was not available. His assistant came but could not instruct him.
    This type of service is not expected from Reliance Fresh. Please investigate the matter and take suitable action before such people affect the performance in highly competitive market.

    Plz also pay attention to grievances & do not focus to IPL ONLY.


  28. arindam Says:

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: “Arindam Mukherjee”
    Date: 08-Sep-2013 12:35 AM
    Subject: Wong installation of Kent RO and subsequent harassment
    To: ,




    I purchased one Kent Ro grand Plus from reliance digital shop (Kaikhali, Kolkata) Store on 13 june 2013. On 14th june 2013 product was delivered and was installed on next day by Resq representative Mr. S.K Sarkar. After few days of installation it fell from the wall where it was mounted.


    Following are the day to day conversation –

    13th June 2013- Purchased Kent Ro grand plus, and was provided with bill where VAT was wrongly charged on RESQ RCP plan amounting to Rs. 495.

    14th June 2013- Product was delivered. Same day I informed the customer care in store about the wrong VAT charged in bill. Since Customer care and departmental manager didn’t know about statutory liability they referred this matter to HO. On 5th July I received a new bill which was correct but bill date was 5th July which needs to be 13th june 2013 with same bill number.

    15th June 2013- Product was installed after repeated calls to S.K Sarkar at 6 pm, He installed the product in so hurry that he forgot to sign the installation certificate provided in kent pack. On same day i called him to sign. He told that it won’t be possible for him to come again on the same day, he will come on 17th June 2013 as 16th was Sunday and is holiday for Resq.

    17th june 2013- Resq Representative S.K Sarkar signed the installation certificate.

    5th July 2013- Received Fresh bill with required rectification but bill date and bill numbers were different.

    16th August 2013- Product which was installed on the wall, fell automatically. As a consequence of this Tap and body got damaged. This product was mounted on wall on 2 Screws. Both screws were at their same position even after this incident. I called to S.K Sarkar after this incidence as during installation he told us to call on his personal number directly. Simultaneously I called reliance digital complaining about “wrong installation of water purifier which led this”. For the same incidence who gave the request to kent customer care for this matter.

    18th August 2013- S.K Sarkar came and told that this product fell due to mishandling only as installation was perfect. He completely alleged us for this matter without having substantive matter to prove it. He checked the product and it was working perfectly but there were cracks in body and Tap got damaged. He temporarily placed this product on a wooden tool and told that parts will be changed within 15 days. As per the guide, product must be mounted on wall only. At that time he mentioned that body will be changed free of cost but Tap will be chargeable. Since there was no fault from my side I completely denied to pay anything even though cost was nominal .He got his job sheet signed by me mentioning that tap and body without confirming me that these will be chargeable. He even told me to send him scan copy of installation certificate and Bill at sbp.kol@resq.in . It was provided to him on 20th August on the receipt of email address on that day from him after repeated calls.

    28th August 2013- Request provided by reliance digital to kent regarding this matter was entertained by Axis solution as they got the request to check. The person came was completely shocked to see that product was placed on wodden tool as it need to be mounted on wall only. He changed the tap but told that body will be changed by reliance/kent as it is a matter of negotiation and involves cost around Rs. 1400 and placed it on the wall. He checked any possibilities of falling by pushing and pulling the product in either direction which was not done be Resq representative on the day of installation. He even told that product can only fall either due to wrong installation or due to willful action of user. On the same day I called to S.K Sarkar and he told that this will be chargeable which was not told to us on 18th August. I called to customer service department 7 times but they transfer the call to different personnel every time without giving my incidence history.

    31th august 2013- I again called to customer service desk, who asked me to talk with Mr. Prosenji (Resq team). Mr. Prosenjit talked very rudely with me and acted like a goon. I went to shop since I was disappointed with the kind of response I was provided over phone and I have to repeat the whole story to customer service person which I already told him over phone few times earlier. I told him to that I want to meet store manager as this matter took exceptionally long time without any solution. He didn’t allowed me to meet and told that this matter is now looked by him personally he ll only answer. He told that manager is in meeting.  He called some Resq manager who told that they need to see the actual picture of the damaged part and some person will click the picture on that day only. He assured me that this issue will be resolved/ closed within next 7 days. As day passed that person didn’t came to click the picture and again I have to call. The lady of customer service desk told that person cannot attain that day and ll come next day before 10 am because Since I informed earlier that I ll not be available on Sundays.

    1st September 2013- Again the person failed to come on time and he came at 11 am. At that time I was not available at home but he was guided by my Mom. That day even he assured that product will be changed.

    7th September- At 6 Pm I called customer service desk about that matter. The lady who was on customer service desk told this will be chargeable as there was no fault in installation. I again went to shop and asked security personnel to allow me to meet Store manager. Departmental manager told that Store manager is in meeting and told me to elaborate the matter. I again elaborated him and he finally told that if product was not installed properly it might have fallen within a week. He further told me that he will take this matter again and will reply me finally by Monday i.e  9th September 2013.


    As a genuine customer I have only few questions to be asked from store manager-

    (1)           When installation is done by Resq personnel, whether it is not in his duty to sign the installation  certificate on the same day after installation?

    (2)          If it is his duty, and he didn’t perform it, Can it be assumed that he installed the product correctly?

    (3)          Even after all these detailed conversation if it is onus on customer to prove that product was installed incorrectly?

    (4)          Till now no one have checked whether product was installed as per installation guide ie. Same horizontal level of screws or proper drilling at instructed distance etc. Just clicking photos of the damaged part of product is enough to substantiate that product was installed correctly? And whether is duty of customer to check each clauses mentioned in installation guide?

    (5)          What about the work sheet which I signed on 18th August? Where this product went to?

    (6)          Whether a customer is required to get fresh bill with same bill number and bill date which was rectified?

    Details are as follows-

    Bill of 13th june 2013- Bill no-#0020, R001

    Bill of 5th july 2013- Bill no -#0010, R001

    Address- Lily- 411, Siddha Town, Rajarhat Road, Kolkata 700136


    As assured by departmental manager, please reply my above mentioned queries by Monday i.e 9th September 2013 and give me final decision.




    Arindam Mukherjee


  29. Anish Thakur Says:

    Yes it is true that Reliance Fresh, Old Alwal, Secunderabad Cashier behavior is very arrogant & there is no one to listen.
    When i asked for complaint register which they do not maintain at all.
    Today against Cash Memo C1777 # 0107 11:37:56 14Sep2013 S02027 R003 when i purchased GO Cheese Plain Slice 200gm it had free product mentioned on it as “Free Pen Set worth Rs. 25 with this pack”.
    What came to shock lady cashier asking another male cashier for free item which he provided a slicer, when i am informing is not the free item as mentioned he went away without providing any item.
    When i raised my voice that time another lady came with a single pen not the Free Product what was mentioned. which i refused to accept & left the store.

  30. Kishan Lal Says:

    Yes today 06.10.13 at 13.30 PM,I have experienced verbal and physical misbehaving by security and by the staff manager the at Reliance Fresh RZ 1 Nehru Grarden, New Roshan Pura, just for cutting a Pumpkin to buy as per my requirement. the same can be viewed on hidden camera if authorities want. I have deiced not to ever buy from any Reliance Fresh Store.

  31. Roshan Singh Sodhi Says:

    The spices that reliance retail has in their private label is of very low quality. Even neighbourhood kirana store has good quality spices.
    Advice to Reliance retail private label team to improve quality of spices. I always shop from Dmart or More for spices.

  32. monty Says:

    i face misbehave at reliance fresh store at sec22 chd. from cashier. when i want to complain online i come to know that there is no customer care service.it is very frustrating.in any matter to whom the customer complaint.if reliance is not able to provide not much but good behaviour to the customer than why they open the stores? to insult people or to give harassment to them.they are busy in making money ignoring from where they making.

  33. rakesh Says:

    The staff at reliance fresh retail store at shanti path, jaipur cheat customer in very innovative way. During billing the staff will say bar code on product is not read properly . He will replace it with different piece. Here is the catch . The second replaced piece has very near early expiry though all original pieces on shelf had long expiry. you are cheated so cleverly although you were careful while originally picking items from shelf of long expiry

  34. Priya Govindan Says:

    Dear Valued Customer,

    We would like to connect with you and address your grievance, however we do not have your contact details. Please help share your contact details and grievance with us on our Toll Free No.: 1800 102 7382 / 1800 233 7382 or alternatively you can email us the details at customerservice@ril.com.

    We look forward to hear from you.

    Team Customer Service

  35. priya thiruvenkatachari Says:

    I saw an offer card at reliance fresh sathya sai nagar madurai on cashews that a 500 gm pac is sold for 308 rs instead of 508… it is in a yellow card which means it is valid on that day… so i bought it… the offer is not fed in the computer as stated… instead they billed me for rs 500… since i have a four months old kid at home i could not check the bill as i have to rush home back for feeding… when i came and asked about it after few days… they just like that neglected my complaint… as this was their mistake i need my money back… i will go to any extend to fight against this… the people at the shop said we wont repeat this mistake again… another said there is no offer at all… the other said it was not fed into the system… should i have the check the bill everytime after buying… then wat is the difference between you and a local shop and all this computing system junk…how can i lose my money … i am a membership card holder … this is highly discouraging me from buying in your shop…

    i need an answer….

  36. harshit garg Says:

    Reliance Fresh – Unavailability of goods listed in newspaper

    I am extremely disappointed with your Reliance Fresh services and availability of stock.

    There was a full page advertisement in the multimedia, this weekend with the HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY Offers.

    It displayed an offer on McCain food, maggi, tomato sauce, etc .

    There were a list of outlets mentioned at the bottom of the page where this offer was available. I was planning to buy many varieties of food.

    From the day this advertisement got published, I and my wife are running pillar to post to grab this offer ON 15 AUGUST in the morning, but unfortunately the stock in not available to the store at PRASHANT VIHAR.

    I register a complaint againt the same, afterwards, the manager Mr.NEERAJ(9910255422) approached and asked to deliever the goods to the doorstep for which the list of goods needed is given to him for the delivery.

    I kept calling them daily, personally visited them and the stock hadn’t reached the stores. We were awaited for the delivery, for which we cant buy it from another store also.

    This is highly disappointing and I am shocked to see this kind of services from a brand like Reliance.

    A full page advertisement is put in a well known newspaper with an offer valid for 3 days and then the stock is not even available in market for customers to buy. Very poor supply chain management.

    They have definitely lost a customer here, which in turn means a lot more customers lost thru’ bad word of mouth spread through me. And they are not even aware how many more would have faced this inconvenience and haven’t reported. These customers would have just switched to the competition without Reliance even knowing about it.

    Thank you for delivering me this negative moment of truth.

    Your ex-customer.


    Reliance Card No. – 6048631093168212
    Mobile no. 9811362763
    Email me with a reply cpg148@rediffmail.com

  37. Abshar Aghwani Says:

    My name is Abshar aghwani .i belong to jaipur.i am a student of hotel management and perusing it from IHM-JAIPUR,Bani park.I had joined reliance fresh in April 22 2015 as a part timer as to get some experience and wanted to get maximum utilization of time of my vacation.Basically i want to learn the Till and customer handling apart from that i also did bays and f and v as well and give them best service to maximize the customer satisfaction and company’s profit in the long run.But i am very disappointed with the store manager’s behavior he don’t have general etiquette and manners to talk with customer and staff as i am in a morning shift 7.30am to 12am he always forced me to work over time sometime he called me at 5.30 a.m and told me that there is no one in opening shift so come early, due to less manpower he forced me to work 2 or 3 hours after my shift.As he is my boss so i have to obey him and when i got totally fed up with this one day i refused to come early and told him i will not work overtime then he rudely repelled that come to my office and forced me to write application that subjected my behavior and warning of uninformed off.After that day he find useless way to scold me in front of everyone and i felt insulted.when i told him i didn’t like your behavior then he told me in a very aggressive way get out and not come from tomorrow with a index finger pointing on me.If this happen with me then i am very sad about the depriving condition of the staff.I requested the higher authorities to take strict action about it and maintain the image of a brand.

    Mr.Anoop Jhalani (Store Manager)
    Reliance fresh vashali nagar,Jaipur

  38. Pawan Kumar Says:

    I agree with your views. I too have a problem at hand of overcharging and finding no place to go for making an online complaint. Very sad that a large retailer has sealed avenues to give feedback or file complaint.

  39. Periakaruppan Ramanathan Says:

    Reliance fresh store in Kk nagar is totally inefficient & rude. They do not respect the customers

  40. Suneet Says:

    I recently returned from USA after 20 plus years and am appalled by the way things are being run here. Just today, I bought an item that said “your price Rs 89” after applying a discount of Rs 10. After i paid the money i found that i have been charged Rs 99. I was told the MRP is 109. That is not what the label said. I wanted to return the item but was told item can’t be returned once purchased!
    Reliancefresh is a piece of shit. IT is a rathouse. Boycott it.

  41. Akshay sharma Says:

    Yes i wanted to complaint on their customer care portal but mr ambani is clever enough. He doesnt have customer care email or number

  42. odcshr Says:

    completely agreed.
    Reliance stores have very arrogant staff .
    in my experience twice i experienced staff in vegatable weighing section arrogantly behavour with clients.
    very poor control of staff.

  43. Raju Says:

    As I m working in reliance fresh but if anything happen no one will help simply manger tell to cluster up on staffs . Cluster will help for manger . Because they want to help full for them selves .But thy r spoling employs life .No one will help for us they make a team with own way . They will diecied them selves what to do .But no one will be ask & help for us pls help us must be happy with work .Not in saffaring with iteration.i m working in reliance from one & half year experience but presently I m getting hurt by cluster manager & HR they all playing with our life pls help us


    Reliance fresh has become one of the worst mart which is present in Bangalore J.P.Nagar near IG Circle.
    They make people wait like any thing. As they do not value customer’s time. Extra billing, card machine will not be working most of the time, if we pay amount they will not have change or charge extra or we have to cancel our order.
    Today it was a pathetic day as we purchased item for RS 3000 and after billing was done 3 Machine stopped working suddenly. Manager came and repaired 2 machines and 1 machine he took about 30 mins to check and later he stated that we cannot bill so we had to cancel the bill as usual and come back. we came to mart by 10 am and left the mart by 12:15 can you imagine how much the Manager work for customer satisfaction. He could have billed in another machine if he was so much worried about the customers.but he just wanted to get rid of them this happened every weekends. This has become their daily routine to waste customer’s time.

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