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May 03

Jubilant Foods recently went post IPO so the revenue pressure seems to be there :P , today we ordered some stuff from Dominos Pizza and I decided to order online using some coupon codes I had. I got the pizza soon enough in 30 minutes :D. This new service by Dominos India seemed amazing at first look.

But I was in for a surprise, an hour later the outlet called me and told me that no coupons were applicable on what I had ordered and asked me to pay even more money equivalent to original price of the items + tax. This call came 1 hour after my order by the way so I was all the way through the pizzas. The difference in price was around a huge difference before and after coupon.

Anyway, I didn’t want to argue so accepted the revised price (handwritten and overwritten). But this just exposes the chinks in Dominos Pizza’s offerings as the online ordering service can be very misleading especially with regards to coupons, you may think you have gotten a bargain but the local outlet can spoil your party. Wont be ordering from Dominos pizza some some time at-least.

Don’t know if the local outlet will pocket the extra money as the printed bill still lists the original price. In any case Jubilant Foods need to get their act together.

6 Responses to “Beware of Dominos online ordering using coupons”

  1. Ravi G Says:

    This is super shady of Dominos India , how can they charge you something else when their online system generated a particular bill. You should complain against the outlet to Jubilant Foodworks, if this continues not a lot of people will use their online ordering service to order pizzas/foodstuff in India.

    Indeed its an innovative project, but as you are pointing out the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

  2. Ikesh Says:

    I recieved a sms with coupon of one pizza free with another. Dominoes just didnt honor it. Super embarasing for me in from of my guest. Even after arguing with their staff & even after I forwarded the sms to their manager in Mohali outlet in Phase 10 they wouldnt listen. They said it wasnt valid in Punjab and maybe valid in NCR Delhi region.

  3. coveryourrace Says:

    Domino’s coupons can be found on fliers which can be found within your mailbox

    or in your local newspaper. The fliers will come with expiry dates so keep an

    eye out and ensure you have the latest flyer in your draw. One of the simplest

    way and best ways to ensure you have he latest coupons is to sign up for the

    email offers at the Domino’s website. You should receive offers on a weekly

    basis so why not go to their site and sign up. If you buy from online your next

    Domino’s pizza you will then receive your coupons in your email automatically.

    Also when your pizza arrives on the box you will find they have offers on them,

    so cut out and save the coupons on the box. So now you have coupons instantly

    for your next order from Domino’s.

  4. Kapil @D VP Says:

    I remember I used loads of coupons to order 1 for 1 free from Dominos Delhi and even in Haryana. Just needed a printable version….It worked everytime perhaps once they dishonored and I was ready to take my pizza-right.

    I was thankful n Jubiliant

    Jubiliant Foods

  5. vinayak Says:

    Their online service is not trustworthy , my payment was done and the order couldn’t get pushed to the kitchen!! wtf is that .. my money os gone and + i am not getting my pizza ..wow ..the site doesn’t even gave me an order no. so that i can show that to the store … what!!!! so they first take money and then push the order ..!! not well made ..rejecteddddd.

  6. Suraj Says:

    I had the same problem just now. This service actually worked really well for me right uptil now. They say the money will be returned in 10-15 days. Has anyone seen their money come back so far?

    Its really ridiculous for them to take the money first. Makes no sense and would be worth a lawsuit if our legal system was worth a damn.

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