Just a short little post to warn you about Big Bazaar and some of their offers, my parents got duped twice by the same outlet (Big Bazaar Vasant Kunj) on the same item. The first time they were quick to raise a fuss and got compensation (a voucher to spend on same store within 15 days, yeah that’s what they offer for overcharging).

The second time they drove to that place to get the 1st voucher redeemed and unfortunately they were in a hurry and didn’t look at the bill receipt properly. So here was this item marked ‘buy 2 get 1 free’ everyone on the aisles and my parents didn’t get the offer. The funny bit is that its the same brand that they had been cheated on a fortnight ago in exactly the same fashion. The customer care had tried to fool them into accepting the flawed bill, but Mom and Dad have learnt from me on handling these shrewd business people and were able to get a refund in the form of a credit note. Impressive but if I were there I would have pushed for a cash refund.

Anyway, instead of driving to Big Bazaar again and going through the painstaking exercise of explaining to them again, I decided to write to them an email and asked for a refund for the extra money my parents spent. And here’s the shocker :

For the first time in my life, writing to the Future Group has failed to even evoke a response, I have used that email ID for complaining against everyone from Furniture Bazaar to Food Bazaar to Big Bazaar, but this is the absolute first time the Future Group has completely ignored my complaint. No follow-up, no apologies and no compensation. Seems like the customer complaints against them are turning out to be genuine. Hope they recover soon and go back to being the customer friendly organisation they are supposed to be. About me ? I am poorer by Rs.60, but all is well Smile