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Apr 22

Tata Sky , easily the most popular DTH service (in terms of opinion) in India is again raising prices. This time its the multiroom charge. The existing charge for multiroom subscriptions was Rs. 125 but today I received an SMS that the charge has been revised to Rs. 150 per  moth.

Couple that with each new channel going into a new package, Tata Sky is really an expensive proposition for the customer. Since its launch I am yet to see a customer friendly move from dear Tata Sky.

Earlier they created this Gold Pack which would have all the new channels. When people subscribed to that, they came out with lifestyle pack. Thats the latest one they are filling with channels including Discovery Science (lifestyle yeah !, wonder if they show how to make cocktails).

Before that they were notorious for hooking people on with 6 months free scheme and then raising prices like crazy.

And another instance is the unbundling of ESPN Star Sports when they had publicly humiliated and refuted Tata Sky’s claim of actually lowering costs for their customers.

Some very smart MBAs with zero concern for customers are working with this company. Lets hope they realise what they are doing wrong.

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