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Apr 05

apple-ipad-2010-tablet-pc -300k

It must be so satisfying being Steve Jobs, you made a product, make it all jazzy, have a keynote where thousands come to attend just because there is a fruit name attached to it and later on all of these thousands of fans and more actually buy the overpriced electronics device you are peddling like soaps and toothpaste.

A recent Techcrunch article pegged the sales of the Ipad at 300k items. Not only that apparently the Apple fanatics downloaded 1 million applications from the Apple app store. Thats around 3.33 applications per Ipad (lots of money these Apple target customers have).

Its one great day for Apple but another sad day for consumers who buy sensibly and do not buy anything that shiny and has a fruit drawn on it Open-mouthed

‘The product is yet to be released in India till now, but we can already see many import websites wagging their tails with the prospects of the rich brats ordering their Ipads asap and also those with rich uncles will get their Ipads on their next trip.

Is the Apple Ipad a game changer ? A new killer device inbetween a cellphone and a laptop ? , only time will tell.

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